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I had a wonderful pair of pants that I wore until my youngest was about 3. They were one of the few pairs of pants that fit my pp body well. I was very sad when they got a hole in them that couldn't be repaired
I agree with everyone else. I can't imagine a good reason to tell a child "no" if they need to use the bathroom! I can maybe understand asking an older child to wait if there are several children out of the class using the bathroom at one time but that's about it. I would speak to his teacher immediately!
Quote: Originally Posted by Halfasianmomma muldey...I just want to post for your the 3 C's of addiction, in case you don't know them: You didn't CAUSE it. You can't CURE it. You can't CONTROL it. The last two are especially relevant to your situation, because you've got *other people* on your back telling you what you *should* be doing, etc etc. Please, stop listening to other people and start listening to YOURSELF. The reality is, you will never...
DS2 (in grade 1) is going to one of the grade 2 classes to get help with his reading because that teacher has fewer students in her class and therefore more time to help. He have noticed a huge difference in his reading comprehension, mainly because he really looks up to the older kids and wants to read just like they do!
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g Im not a single mama, so I hope you don't mind me responding.... But would it help to remind yourself that if he did it to you, chances are pretty good he will do it to her too? Of course not! I'm open to any thoughts on this! I used to. And it made me feel better when people would say "it will never last, rebound relationships never work out!" or that "he you for her so she can't feel all that...
My blackberry comes everywhere with me and even lives beisde my bed at night time...man that sounds so sad In my (somewhat) defense I use it 90% of the time for work and I like always being able to be ontop of my emails. Because we have very slow internet at home surfing the web is actually faster on my blackberry!
DS#1 - 8lbs 10oz born at 40w 3d DS#2 - 8lbs 1oz born at 41w 6d DS#3 - 10lbs born at 42w
Quote: Originally Posted by momo7 Ummmm he left you with $$$$$ in debt and HE's freaking out on YOU? PLEASE tell me you don't feel bad about calling his mother. HE totally deserved it.
Just like the title reads...how did you stop being angry? Exh and I have been separated/divorced for just over 5 years now, although our custody agreement was just finalized a month ago (long, messy and very expensive process!) Most days I am ok with things, I've moved on and have met someone new and wonderful and am happy with my new life. But when I see exh and his new wife (the woman he left me for) I can't help but still feel incredibly angry. Unfortunately we...
Congratulations on the name change (not the divorce) I remember how great it felt to have MY name back again after my divorce.
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