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Ive used both Karen Mashak and Janice Cook. Both excellent homebirth midwives.
OMG I do this too!  I never actually write in cursive.  Weird.  I think about sentences, too.  But it's about syllables for me.  I like sentences to have an even number of syllables.  I also like it when there's an equal number of after-the-fact cursive "finishers" to syllables.  I have no better way to describe these.  But like dots on i's, crosses on ts and xs, commas. Like:  I like this plant.       
 Here's mine. http://singfourever.livejournal.com/656.html Getting ready to do it all over again in April. I can't wait!
What do you do in my position?  There are no doctor/midwife relationships where I live.  A doctor won't even see me during pregnancy because I'm planning a homebirth.  There is no support whatsoever.  All the CNMs deliver in hospital only.  I know because I called every one for insurance purposes.  I look for a midwife I trust implicitly and assume that upon calling the hospital in an emergency, they listen and believe what we tell them.
Sorry I'm kind of butting in but I can't resist when it comes to names! I do like Francis/Frances a lot. It reminds me of Dirty Dancing and dh's grandma Frances. I'm pretty sure the girl version is spelled Frances. I would stick with that if it were me. You can look it up on nameberry.com for some credible input. The first middle name I thought of was June, which is pretty close to Jane, which I also love. Katherine would also be nice. For a boy I like Andrew and...
I think Henci Goer's The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth would be a good choice. It's full of facts and figures and goes through the pros and cons of pretty much every procedure involved in giving birth. I really liked it and recommend it to any pregnant mama.
I went to school in moscow for a year and lived in Pullman for a year. Both nice places. Lots of community stuff to do. It's absolutely beautiful in the fall. And the Palouse is gorgeous when all the wheat turns to gold. The thing I don't like about both places is all the snow!
I'm in Caldwell, I'd be open to meeting up with some moms.
shoulder to shoulder 10 inches. shoulder to mid-calf 24 inches. He's on the small side, though, so you might want to make it a bit longer. It's hard to go wrong with a cape. The one I made for my 3.5 year old fit my 1 year old just fine.
You could also look at houses in Nampa. It's only a few minutes from Meridian and close enough to Boise to enjoy the zoo, large parks, and things like the Discovery Center of Idaho. I'm not exactly sure what the housing is in Nampa, but it's probably similar to where I am, in Caldwell. We have a 1200 sq ft house with a huge fenced yard in a very nice neighborhood with a good elem school right down the road. Our house would probably be worth around $135,000 right now.
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