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We do this, although our class is only 2 days a week (6:30-8:30 or so). I make dinner and have dinner ready to eat before we leave, then we all go - we take turns taking class and watching the boys (there are other kids hanging out while parents/older sibs take class to play with, so its fun for everyone). Totally worth it though. Even before Dh started taking class it was totally worth it. Do it. 
I'm making red lentils w/ sweet potoato curry for dinner tonight... does that count? Though, I do serve it over rice... hmm...
I really don't think WiFi or anything is a big deal. But I've not done a lot of research, so who knows. I doubt anyone will really know for another 20-50+yrs. :shrug: As for earthcalm... after a bit of googling, I suspect is a load of BS - when the only sites that say anything positive about it are selling it... well... yeah. If it actually did anything there would be independent studies saying so, from reputable sources. And theres not. So I, personally, call BS. 
DS1 was ~20 months when I got pregnant w/ ds2. He nursed throughout my pregnancy and it was a freaking huge blessing to have an older nursling to nurse when I got engorged after ds2 was born - theres nothin like a 2 yr old nurser when your engorged, lemme tell you what!! :)
I'd just like to say I call BS on the 'no cast iron on a glass top stove!' crap. Cause' its crap. I cook w/ cast iron every day, multiple times a day and have for the past 4 yrs on our glass-top, and my dad cooked on it w/ cast iron for about 5-6 yrs before that. And its fine. So thats BS.
I'm strugging w/ this right now too. We got the boys a (IMO) reasonable amount of gifts. MIL? Went overboard. Like, we went to see them in columbus and everything almost didn't fit in our freaking car! Half of it is unopened still-in-the-box, and I for one am *VERY* tempted to return it. I'm certainly not going to just give it all to them right now. Definetly not. All the unopened stuff is going in the basement for now, and we'll see after that. Much of the rest of it...
Yeah, I've been rear-ended twice and neither time have I had least bit of trouble getting new seats.
If your talking skillets, go for cast iron - I have tons and I love it. I hate cooking on anything else. For sauce pans/pots I do stainless steel. Bakeware is mostly pyrex, though I do have a couple ss cookie sheets and several aluminum ones. :shrug
We have a Chop-rite meat grinder which is pretty nice. We use it when we butcher dear mostly, though I'm sure you could put whatever through it... I think I've done turkey a couple times. :shrug
I've tried to post on multiple threads over the past few days and am now giving up. Theres no point trying to post and writing out nice, thoughtful posts only to have it hang forever and never actual post (I get "please wait" and a little animation). 
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