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My mother says that my brother and I were toilet trained by 18 and 15 months (I was a bit older because she waited for the summer). We were in cloth nappies in the 70s.   My daughter was over 3 when we moved to underwear - granted she had NO accidents - I was pretty accident-averse so we waited until she was almost trained before even moving to training pants.   We've been ECing my son since 4 months and at 22 months, he's in training pants at home and is often...
Imse Vimse training pants fit quite small - my DD was tiny - sounds like about the size of your DD - and fit the XL (strange sizing). Really nicely made too. I bought a couple more for DS and they're still my favourite of all I've tried. And they will hold in a pee, which is a bonus! We have several prints.
This is my stock answer to this question about adventurous girls. In fact, my DD insisted she WAS Pippi when she was 3. (Loved it).   I'd forgotten about Olga da Polga. I'm going to have to see if our library here has them!   Mrs. Pepperpot is a good series too - she's old, but she's feisty!  
DD was like that at 4. And 5. She's beginning to be more stoic at 6. I'm sure it's personality X age.
If we're outside because we're waiting for the school bus with DD (who is also wearing a hat and I think that helps), I just keep putting it on.   If we're outside for fun, and putting it back on few times doesn't work, we go in.
oooh, I don't think I'd be soaking wool in Rockin Green...   SGM - what is your wash routine for the wool?
We're a fan of 1-pieces here too.. but I have the luxury of having an extra winter coat handed down from DD that still fits DS - so we have a fleece car suit, a 1-piece Land's End snowsuit, and a winter coat.   DS can walk in his one-piece - he's 20 months. We will be doing a lot of outdoor time as we have to walk his sister up our laneway to the bus stop. I find one-pieces more streamlined and quicker to get on/off. But if I didn't also have a winter coat... hmm......
It will stop. My son was a terrible screecher (and my husband has tinnitus, which is a BAD combination!). I don't remember exactly when it stopped, but he no longer screeches.   He does yell though....
My favourite training underwear are Little Beetles and Imse Vimse. They're not cheap, unfortunately, but they work very well. The LBs aren't waterproof at all, so I pair them with a cover when I can't be vigilant; the IVs have a hidden PUL layer so they're okay for everything but a car seat.   I want to get some Gerber-style training pants for at home because they're MUCH cheaper!
Thanks - it was a good day. It was very low-key - it's a tiny country Anglican church, and really WAS a "show up and smile" type thing. The parents themselves are "church on the big holidays" type people too ;).   Sadly, we didn't get much chance to see the baby! I was occupied with my 20-month-old during the service, and the wee babe was in his bucket seat throughout the service except for the little bit where he was blessed, and then fell asleep in his bucket seat...
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