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My husband and I are in exactly the same boat - the baptism is tomorrow. My husband is a godparent (I'm a humanist - I was not asked LOL). DH is simply agnostic. I'm surprised they asked, but they are sure it's the right choice, and feel that while DH doesn't attend church, he is a great choice as a guiding figure in his nephew's life.   We have elected to go with a Savings Bond for the wee man. It's more useful than a trinket, and has no religious significance, but...
I find mother-ease Sandys (they have a large and a Toddler size) with a doubler, and sometimes a hemp doubler on top of that, plus a wool cover, are pretty much bulletproof.
Yep, he got the rash (still does sometimes at 20 months) just around the gusset and sometimes around the waist. Around the gusset it sometimes came up as a raised "burn" that would then peel, but mostly it was these non-yeasty red dots.   I used primarily elastic-legged fitteds; very little poop ever made it onto the wool. With prefolds, it's a bit more likely. Yes, I'd spot-clean until the wool lost its lanolization.   It depends on how high-performing your...
Yep. My son has had issues with this since birth. Any PUL/waterproof cover, except all-nylon covers, do this to him. Bummis SWW were a big offender - covers with exposed PUL (Thirsties, SuperBrites etc) were even worse though.   When I switched to nylon, fleece, and wool covers, the rash vanished within a week or so. For out of the house, when PUL was really a good thing, I covered the affected areas with lanolin first (I wouldn't do this with a pocket or AIO with a...
Around his first birthday - his sister too.
I figure variety is the spice of life. Most of the toys in this house are NOT electronic. I prefer that my children play with open-ended toys, and electronic toys tend to be limited in what they can do. I like to keep the bleepy toys for diaper changes, car rides, etc, when a little distraction is a very good thing. They are also more novel for them that way.
It's suedecloth. I don't know quite how you'd do it - perhaps it's as easy as cutting a piece of suedecloth to fit and sewing it down?   Alternatively, Cottonbabies sells (or did sell) suedecloth "sleeves" that you can slip the MF insert into and then use as a Flip insert. They're quite useful.
Yep here too. DS can eat most anything, although I do try to avoid the traditional choking hazards (but he has swiped those too on occasion and had no problem with them). I'd consider getting it checked out - even if it turns out she's just a late bloomer in that department (most kids are at something), better to catch a problem early :)
Yes, I do, and it's not really a choice in this house! DS nurses to sleep, and if I try to get him down at a normal time if he has a late nap, he just won't sleep. Period. He'll just nurse and roll around for hours. If he naps after 2:30, I can be sure he won't be asleep until 9. We just adjust our lives around this, because I'm not ready to give up his naps at this point - he's only 20 months.
I don't think that it will confuse your son but...   You may have more luck telling your dog what TO do, rather than saying "no" or "bad". (So, "Molly, OFF!" when she jumps, or "Molly, sit!").   (the bonus of this is that it's true for humans too - good practice!
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