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I can't say for sure, but I would bet it's not true, especially when they're little. When they hit their teens, I suppose it could be a problem (although I think you'll be getting flack from the kids WAY before CPS by that time!).   I sure hope it's not true because we will shortly be moving DS into the bottom bunk in DD's room!
Bibs, and receiving blankets! Yes, you can have too many!!   Yep, my solution is consignment stores too.
Yep. For ages every time I said "It's time to change a diaper!" either DD or DH would say "get ready for the screaming!"   I have a chest of toys at the change station because each toy will work once a day. If I'm not anticipating a poop, we use training pants because he's much happier being changed standing up. We do the same types of distractions. And sometimes, I just do my best to wrangle him (which is getting more difficult as he gets bigger and stronger). The...
I voted 1-2 as well. DD was not an easy baby particularly, more middle-of-the-road, but she was verbal very early, and that helps so much. While she was opinionated, she was also easily pacified at the breast.   About the time that I fell pregnant with DS, however, DD was hitting her 4s, and it was a difficult time for us. She had started junior kindergarten, and was somewhat resentful that DS had me to herself, and at the same time was now under the influence of a...
I have always changed DS as soon as I notice a wet diaper, or every 2 hours if I haven't noticed. We generally use fitteds or prefolds with wool soakers, so it's pretty noticeable when he has peed. I would not want him sitting in his own urine - any more than I would want to myself.
I had a demanding career before DD was born, and I returned to work FT when she was 6 months. Her dad stayed home until she was 12 months, and then she went to daycare. It was too difficult to perform in my job FT and parent her the way I wanted, so I dropped to PT (which in my job was about 40 hours a week, working most evenings at home :P). It was a decent balance, but when DS was born, we decided that I should stay home even though that meant a huge drop in household...
I have had Owls (and owlet) in my Ravelry queue pretty much since I started my account. I am hoping that one day I'll be skilled enough to make it (preferably while my daughter is young enough to appreciate one!).
I voted "hobby" because I try to get "me time", but in reality I usually split DS' 2-hour nap into some cleaning and some hobby time.
I did manage it with my DD - but she was older (3). She was in either diapers or training pants (all cloth) until she was dry all the time. I am probably too mess-averse though ;)    
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