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My DD is 3 years old. We started potty training about a year ago. We made great progress but I would never call her trained. She will go 2 days without accidents and then the several days will have 4+ accidents. This has been going on for much too long now. I don't know what to do with her. Any advice on how I can get her fully permanetly trained. Am I the problem? Should I still at this point be telling her "you need to stop what you are doing right now and go use...
Are the old posts available somewhere? Last week I had 8 pages of posts in the trading post and I'm down to 2 pages now. Where can I find the others?
If you use the advanced search and change the sort order from descending to ascending you can get the first 500 posts. Doing this I miss my middle posts though.
I love quick and easy type receipes that don't involve a lot of chopping and prepping. Anyone know of a cook book that I would love? A quick and easy or 5 ingredients or less type thing?
Just found out MIL is going to be gone the same week so our options are now paying for a flight for DH and older DD, or DH taking off and staying home with both kids, or me just not going at all. This just sucks!
The end of April my boss wants me to go on a trip. DD will be 11 months old at that point. I'm not too concerned about my supply as I can bring along my pump and plan on drinking lots of fluids and eating oatmeal and all those things. I'm mostly worried about her age and her then deciding she doesn't want to nurse anymore when I get back after having gone 3-4 days without nursing. We talked about DH coming along with me, but he then needs to take off work, we need to...
I work every Tuesday and Wednesday and need to pump while I'm away from my 8 month old. I finally have enough milk that if I quit pumping today I'd still have enough milk in the freezer to last her at daycare until she is a year old. Can I quit pumping those two days or do think I'll just end up with clogged ducts?
I was thinking about starting out with something like every other day with a vegetarian meal, there are several we already have in our regular meal rotations and using those and perhaps a new recipe each week I think it would be real easy to do the first month half vegetarian for the whole family. Anyone else do something like this or did you go cold turkey, I mean tofurkey? :LOL
Thank! This is really helpful!
What would be some good sources for protein? We are looking at going vegetarian not vegan. Nut butters (any better than others), eggs, cheese, beans (any better than others), what else?
New Posts  All Forums: