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I use Chi Ironguard. I hate the smell, but I got two huge bottles for free. I always use a heat protection product when I'm using hot appliances on my hair, even though I heat style rarely.
I have a pocketbook IQ, which runs the Android OS. The default reader software lets me use a lot of different formats of ebooks, and I can download other reader apps to let me read other things like kindle or nook books. I love it because it is completely DRM free and customizable. The only things I don't like about it are that is is a bit heavy, probably the same weight as an ipad? The touch screen is also a little odd. The biggest selling point was that it didn't lock...
I think the manager responded appropriately. I do find it a bit funny that the whole thing would have been avoided if the employee would have casually walked the container to the back room for disposal though. The manager probably gave the employee a talking to about that after you had left.   I wouldn't bother calling the health department. In my experience their rules are a bit odd. There are plenty of things are are perfectly acceptable by health department...
I'm mostly disappointed that my AutoPatchWork addon for Chrome no longer works. It's really frustrating to have to keep clicking "next" in long threads and having to wait for these clunky forums to load up instead of just having the whole thread just continuously scroll all the way to the end on one page.
Well, I'm from Detroit, and I enjoyed the show. Of course, I love most procedural-type shows, so I don't have very high standards. I also really enjoy seeing all of the local places and hearing familiar street names and such.
You are very lucky that she didn't have your car towed. I think her yelling at you in front of your kids would have been nothing compared to coming back from the school with all of your kids and finding your car gone. Having been in the other womens shoes many times, I can understand why she yelled at you. You ignored her multiple attempts to get your attention, and you were probably the 10th person that afternoon that she had to try to shoo out of the parking lot. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Marsupialmom Honestly, If I saw a guy with a make shift seat for his kids on a bike with no helmets I would assume he (they) were doing the best they could. To me this situation seems an action of people in poverty not people willfully trying to put their kids in danger. The flat tire could be why he had some erratic biking. I don't see how ticketing them or having the harassed by police helpful. What if they did stop him....
Pringles ...as in the potato chips Its the only way I can tolerate cottage cheese.
You might want to try something like this: http://www.loudenlow.com/ Lower frequencies travel easier through walls (as anyone who lived in an apartment with a neighbor who likes bass-heavy music can tell you). I just did a quick google search and that was one of the first ones that came up, I'm sure a more extensive search can give you better/cheaper results.
Oh! I love that show. I've been watching it since the beginning. I think it has a great mix of action, romance, and comedy. And that black and red suit Michael was wearing in the last episode....oh my!
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