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There are no words.  You are a stranger to me, yet your grief is palpable.  The experience is horrific and beyond a nightmare.  You are a stranger to me, yet if I could, I would hold you while you grieved.  I am so sorry.   I recently experienced a loss in my life and was sent the following blessing.  I want to share it with you.   A Blessing   May you know that absence is full of tender presence and that nothing is ever lost or forgotten.   May the...
Never had a problem.  Nursed all 5 children anywhere and everywhere.  My oldest is almost 20 and my youngest is two and still going strong. 
5 kids, 72 months and counting. 
Frank - I have considered that as well.  Not so much a power play but that is all they know (circumcision) and that is the "clean and proper" thing to do.  And, I can see how they would think we were rejecting the norm and indirectly, their advice even though we never asked for it.
Thanks for all the replies.    Oh no - circumcision is totally out of the equation.  I was so surprised when she mentioned it - what?  You want to cut something off of him because he itches?!"    I emailed her several links regarding intact boys/men and assured her he was fine and normal and that his remaining intact was a decision his father and I researched and made together.  She hasn't mentioned another word about it and most likely, won't.  She is a...
Selsun Blue was the only thing that worked for my kids.  According to my pediatrician, cradle cap is a type of fungus and soaking the scalp/hair in oil (which is what we tried and thought was working) is at best, a temporary fix because it is only removing the scabs/crust.   We found we only had to use it once and that cleared it up.  One kiddo in particular had more problems and if we ever saw a hint of it returning, we broke out the Selsun Blue.  He is 3-1/2 and we...
Hello all.  As the title says - I've got an itchy little kid.  He absent-mindedly fiddles with his penis almost all the time but other times appears to be pulling at it like it is itching.  My husband and I ask him in the evening after his bath if he is itching and he always says no.   Little back history - kiddo has sensitive skin and is prone to eczema.  Allergic to cats and dogs and we have to regularly treat his skin in the hot summer months and dry cold months...
I am so very sorry.  I can't imagine your grief.  So, so, much peace to you and your family right now.
This site has become so slow that I rarely visit it anymore.  In fact, I started a thread that would never post.  No other sites I visit are like this.  Is there anything I can do?  I timed it and it took 47 seconds for this to open so I could post.  That is about norm for everything I check on MDC.  I
  Oh wow...because forumula is too evil for dogs too?     
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