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I'm impressed that you remember what you wrote 10 years ago!  Motherhood has left my brain very fuzzy.
Do you hear or see people coming and going all the time?  What makes you think he's a dealer?  Sorry if that has already been explained...I'm bad about skimming over replies.   I wouldn't report him to the police.  Sounds like he's lived there awhile and if he had caused problems (other than the smell), your neighbors would have filled you in.  A note seems a little passive-aggressive,to me anyway.  If it were me, I would introduce myself and tell him the truth. ...
Couldn't read and not post...you are doing a great job for your little boy.  He has his mama and her love and dedication and whatever milk you can provide him.  I could have written your post 3 years ago.  It hurt me to supplement with formula...I felt like I had failed my son and was so ashamed to give him a bottle - especially in public.  But, I realized that my body grew his and my breastmilk however little it was was still better than nothing and that holding him and...
Trout Fishing in America has really fun songs for kids.
Go for it!  Congratulations!
There are many but 3 that come to mind immediately for their level-headed and warm wisdom are Attunedmama, Chamomilegirl and Stormbride.
Yeah that and pretty much anything by Prince from the late 70's to late 90's.  Loved it.  Made my parents cringe but they did not censor what I listened to.  Nor do I with my kids.  I don't like everything they listen to but I don't like everything my husband listens to, or my co-workers, etc.  I hate pop music today and really couldn't tell you what is popular now.  It's not so much the lyrics as it is the auto-tune crap.  Can't stand it.  We do a lot of NPR and...
More men in the advertisements would help promote the whole "not just for women" ideal...or so I like to believe.    That looks like a very nice and comfy carrier.  My husband never got the hang of the Moby but will wear the Kozy and we would both love the Beco!!
When I was pregnant with #5 my husband and I wanted to have t-shirts printed that read:   Yes, we know how pregnancy happens Yes, we are having boy #4 No, we were not trying for a girl Yes, we are happy No, it's not too many And no, it's none of your business   I couldn't believe the comments made.  They came from my family, friends, co-workers and strangers alike.  It got to the point to where we would just look at people when they made a comment like...
What type of washing machine do you have?  I'd be interested in this but I have a front loader as well that is only supposed to take HE detergent.    
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