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I gained weight on dom too.  Felt like I could never get full.  I tried to let some (okay, most) of my vanity go and console myself with the fact I was able to pump more milk while at work for my son.  I became pregnant while still pumping/nursing and had my new little guy in December.  I lost all my pregnancy weight and nearly all of the weight I had gained on the dom.  I'm really hoping I don't need it this time around...because of the weight gain.
NAK   Same problem here....Internet Explorer 7.  Noticed it immediately after the software change at MDC.
This is what we do as well.  We remind them that we are a family and everyone pitches in to help out and make the household run smoothly.  If our kids want to buy something then they can do a little extra work for it.  We always ask "what are you willing to do to earn that?".  We then offer some suggestions that are extra to their regular household chores.  Sometimes they go for it, other times not and that is their decision.  
Eh...it's funny but definitely not as well-written as South Park. 
I have an 11 year old son too and there's no way I would get him shoes unless he specifically told me what kind AND had him there to try them on.  He has some very narrow feet and is starting to be a little particular about what he wears. 
Where do you live?  Can you go to the ER in the next town?  I can't believe that no one will see you - how terrible!!  Please keep us posted.
Isn't cellulitis treated with antibiotics?  I know there are some that aren't good in the first trimester or perhaps anytime but I don't know that for sure.    My son had peri-orbital cellulitis 2 years ago and it was bad...very bad.  He had roceferin and then some major heavy duty antibiotic (can't recall the name) for 10 days.    Cellulitis is nothing to mess around with...especially that close to your eyes.  We were told by the doctors that if he didn't show...
I am lucky that I have a devoted MIL.  She adores the grandchildren and is always, always willing to help.  In fact, she is in town today to watch the two littles while my husband and I go to the 11 y/o's first band concert.  There is no way we could go without her watching the boys because yes...they would be wanting to run everywhere and then have a melt down when they couldn't.   My daughter drives and while I'm always worried about her...it is a lifesaver at...
Oh please don't be sad.  You are doing the best you can.  I am sorry - and I have been there.  Can you take domperidone?  That and alfalfa are what really helped me.  Oatmeal helps some women.  Oh and lots of water and rest when you can.   If those don't help then know you are not alone and you've done the best you can.  Any breast milk at all is better than none. 
I took a course/round of Reglan back in 2007 and will never, ever do it again.  I felt so anxious and out of sorts, jittery and depressed.  It was not worth it.  Horrible, horrible.   Domperidone however...miracle drug. The bad thing was I took it at the highest dose and ate like a farmhand.  Ended up gaining 20 lbs over the 9 or so months I was on it.  It was of course worth it in order to pump enough milk for my little guy while I was at work.  He never had a drop...
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