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I for one wouldn't be so worried about germs.  It's the whole idea...and also having to watch it AND listen to it.  Nasty.  I am a dog person and have had dogs most of my life (currently do not due to kidlet's allergies) and have been know to let fido lick a plate or two...but not in front of company.  Seems like bad manners, bad taste...something.  Let the dogs do it when no company is over.  
Happysmileylady - I get what you mean about trying to make sure your daughter is not a co-parent.  I tend to let my daughter jump in and help when she wants, which is fortunately a good deal of the time instead of constantly telling her to watch her brothers.  She has a job and her own car and her own friends so she does come and go but when she's home, she is hand-on with the littles.  Here lately though, I have been asking her to help more than before simply because I...
Hello and welcome. I'm 42 and due any day with #5.  My oldest is 17 so yeah...in a similar life situation! Here's the run down:   17 y/o daughter and 11 y/o son from first marriage. 3 y/o son and 22 month old son from second marriage and baking boy #4/kidlet #5.   It is a challenge at times but overall - I love it.  My two older kiddos think the littles are the greatest things ever (most of the time) and are a HUGE help - especially since I'm at the...
We are currently going through this with our 3 year old son.  His two front teeth are gray; one worse than the other.  The dentist said he has a "92% chance of keeping it" and we are to watch for signs of infection.  If that happens, then it may have to be pulled.  Otherwise, there is nothing that can be done and it will fall out when it's time.
No, I have never lost mine but can certainly understand how you would feel sad about it.  Even if it is a "thing" that can be replaced, it was something special to you.  I hope you find it.  Or as someone else suggested, perhaps ask your friend to design another one.
I stopped pumping at work when my son was a little over 14 months old.  I too had stopped responding to the pump and he was eating more solids.  I was afraid it would affect my supply and it did but I also found out a month or so later that I was pregnant so that too affected my supply.  
My reply never showed up...odd.  Anyway - I got your PM and replied...a long one.  Did you get it?
We have a Bruder firetruck - one of the big ones.  We got it for our 2 year old last Christmas.  That truck has been played with on nearly a daily basis.  It has been dropped, stepped on and sat on and it is still holding up.  I kind of wondered about it when we got it as it doesn't look as sturdy as his metal Tonka dump truck but it has definitely lasted and has definitely been loved.
Quote: Originally Posted by HappyMommy2 I think that might possibly be my worst nightmare. Yep - pretty close to mine too. I'm 33 weeks pregnant so there is no way I would do it. I am completely exhausted. Plus...I like to ride the rides and wouldn't feel safe doing it this pregnant. I would wait if I were you.
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