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My son was addicted to his paci - called it his pappy. He had it in the van and at night and nap at home. Not at daycare or any other time. We could see it affected his speech and his teeth. He has a very narrow palate now and his two front teeth stick out. He fell in August at daycare and as it turns out, loosened one of his front teeth. When we took him to the dentist, he could tell right away that he had a paci and showed us the damage it had already done. We...
Quote: Originally Posted by ellemenope 2)I know the other thread was just a vent, so I did not want to start anything, but intentionaly damaging someone elses car because they parked too close to you is just wrong. The thought has never entered my brain. People must own crappy cars to begin with to be willing to do that. Don't they think about their own doors? I thought the same thing.
Praying for strength, praying for peace, praying to whoever will listen to let you make it one day at a time.
DDCC - Wow, what a beautiful baby! Seriously...he is glowing and looks so alert! Congratulations.
I am so, so sorry. Peace to you and your family right now.
Thank you both. I too like the convenience of the bucket seats during cold weather. I think I'll stick to one of those and move to a convertible when height/weight allow.
Baby boy #5 will be here sometime in December and we have no carseat for him. With my other 4, I always used the infant bucket-type. Times and safety concerns have changed so I'd like to get some more advice: what has worked best for you? Is there a safety concern regarding the bucket seats?
Lovely, lovely slideshow. And yes...I caught that tear too and was so touched. I remember my husband crying when both of our sons were earthside. The photos with your older daughter are sweet and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
I agree but in your cousin's defense...I was once that person. Before I had kids and something like that happened, I thought I was saving the parent and child embarrassment or the 'hassle' of getting in trouble. I didn't realize I was really undermining the parent's authority. Once I had kids...yeah...I realized quickly and now I step back and let the parent handle it. I think you did the right thing and maybe it will sink in.
Quote: Originally Posted by pranava My advice is - Step Up Mama Bear!!! Now more than ever your daughter needs you to stand tall, proud, and unwavering by her side. No shame, no fear. How to explain? Keep it simple. Say "My child has come to me and told me this. I love my child and support my child's decision and feelings. I do not fully understand this yet myself, but I will learn along my child's side and together in time we will all figure things...
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