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the board fired our minister. They said that her ministry wasn't effective. Really, they just didn't like her. I'm literally in tears. I don't think I can go back to the church.
I will say it's pretty easy to stumble on things. I was looking for rainbow kippahs and found some interesting things.
We light one candle, at the end of joys and sorrows. The minister says "For all we have heard, and all that remains unspoken, I light this candle." And then we all say "thus do we weave our lives together. We mourn, we rejoice, we remember."
The minister at our church feels like joys and sorrows isn't really "working." The same 4 or 5 people speak up, and they either say the same thing that they have been saying for months on end or they try to use it as an announcement time (eg: "I'm so joyful that we have a new sign up sheet hung in the hall way for people to sign up for the potluck!") and it's annoying and kind of awkward. So our minister has been making the "instructions" for joys and sorrows... more...
Of course, 2 minutes after I post this I finally found it! I just have it saved as "shalom day/night" which is clearly not the title. And I only have a snippit. "We've come to the start of another day, and now we say shalom. We've come to the end of another day, and now we say shalom. We finished our work and we finished our play, and now we say shalom. Shalom my friends, shalom my friends, it's time to say shalom." What's the title? Can I get it on a CD? Why is...
Yeah, RJ is reform Judaism. I didn't have any mentors from my church (or, um, the state of Maine!). The only people that had mentors were the under-18 folks, who had to have somebody over 18 with them. But I'm bringing a bunch of information back to my congregation and next year I'm going to really really advocate for somebody else from my congregation to come with me.
I just got back from a conference with 40 other UU, UCC, and RJ youth and their mentors/allies. It was awesome to just be around other spiritual youth. We had a blast, learned a lot, and it was just nice to prove to myself that I'm not alone in being a YA UU. Attracting youth is super hard. I occasionally bring along a guy I live with, and have managed to bring other friends once or twice, but they don't really want to come often. And, really, I don't know what...
I'm having such an AMAZING time. Seriously. Around 40 UU, UCC, RJ and other youth and adults discussion comprehensive sex ed? AMAZING. Tomorrow we lobby. Tonight we're alternating between all watching Health Care stuff and discussing OWL/Sacred Choices. AHHHHHH. I don't wanna LEAVE! Tonight we broke into groups and my group spent the whole time talking about the principles and stuff. It was awesome.
I'm pretty excited right now. This weekend I'm going to this Sexuality Education and Advocacy Training conference put on by the Unitarian Universalist Association, the United Church of Christ and the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaisim. I really hope it goes well. The schedule looks really fun!
Little prayer songs are fun. Look up the girlscout meal prayers. Like, this one, sung to the tune of the Addams family "We thank you for the food Lord, for Mom and Dad* and you Lord, we thank you for the food Lord, to get us through the day. Da da da da, amen! da da da da, amen! Da da da da, da da da da, da da da da, AMEN!" *replace "mom and dad" with whatever parental structure you have. Mom and mama, dad and daddy, or if a single parent household then "for mommy...
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