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So today we had a service put on by the congregation - no sermon. A few readings, quite a few songs, and some drumming. I really, really missed having our regular service. Like, really missed it. I don't want to drum during offering. I want to sit silently while we listen to the piano music. I want my minute of meditation. I want things to be how they normally are!
Yep, there are nice guys left. My little brother is one of them. He's 17, started college early, dyes his hair on a biweekly basis, has a 4.0 gpa, stretches his earlobes, self-idenfies as a feminist, is politically active, doesn't smoke, drink, or do any kind of drug, and from what I have heard is a wonderful boyfriend.
For any of you who celebrate Christmas, Happy Christmas. I went to the Christmas Eve service at my church tonight and it was lovely. Lots of singing, and sometimes it's nice to just hear the Christmas Story. Familiar. It was also the sole thing I am doing for the holidays, so I'm glad I went.
I took the three membership classes and now I'm deciding whether or not I'm actually going to stand in front of the congregation, sign the book, and become a member. I'm not sure what's holding me back, but there's something. Service on sunday was about solstice, kind of. It was called "breaking the surface" and about coming up to breathe/coming into the light after darkness. Here's a random question - anybody ever want to ask somebody to not sit with them at church? ...
We had our second class last night. One person didn't come back so it was just four of us and the minister. It was really nice. We had to "plan a worship service" which basically involved us sitting there going "crap, what do our worship services usually entail?" It was really fun. Our minister just sat there kind of laughing, throwing her ideas into the mix every so often, etc. I do wish we had more... structure, I guess. Like, this was fun, but it doesn't feel like...
Well, if we chose to throw nobody overboard then we all died. After the class I updated my FB status to say something about the class, and my minister commented on it. I was like... oh. right. we are FB friends.
OK, I suppose it didn't have *nothing* (hello double negatives) to do with religion but, well, here's what we did: -Chalice -Intros --Name --Childhood Religion --Childhood spirituatlity -What is UU? --What do we think it is --What have we heard about it -Lifeboat exercise --We were read this story about a ship that sank, and 30 people ended up on a lifeboat meant for 7 people. The captain decides to keep the able bodied people and, after multiple days of rowing, they...
Last night was the first of the membership classes. It was fun, nice to hang out with people, nice to get to know the minister in a different way, but... I swear, it had nothing to do with religion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Adele_Mommy Honestly, ziggy, I never stayed for coffee hour probably for about the first year I attended! What changed the situation for me was getting to know people through other avenues, such as Small Group Ministry, committees, and just talking to parents also there to pick up kids from the same class as my dd. Now I know lots of people and my dd has friends too so we usually do stay for awhile talking to people for church...
Anybody else find the coffee thing really awkward? Or did you at first? After service there's coffee and such, but I don't actually know what to *do* then. I mean, I grab coffee and kinda stand around and people occasionally come up and say hi, but mostly I feel awkward.
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