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I live in Maine and I worked really hard on the recent No On 1 campaign. Our county organizer is a member of the local UU church and all of our phone banks were held there. I was a full time volunteer-staff member during the last couple weeks of the campaign so I spent a lot of time at the church and with members of the congregation during that time. After we lost marriage equality in Maine I was invited to a candlelight service at the church and then the next sunday it...
Also, I wouldn't force your daughter into counseling.
That was basically my relationship with my stepfather, except my mother was either unwilling to "take a side" or she would tell me to just "lay low for awhile" until he calmed down. Or that I deserved it. I left home at 16 and moved in with a bunch of guys in a crappy one bedroom apartment. I am 22 now and have very minimal contact with my mother and my stepfather is the main reason. He convinced my mother not to help pay for college or even sign financial aid...
As to facebook - if you wanna blame it on something besides you not being comfortable with it you can just say that she's not old enough according to FaceBooks rules. COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act, states that websites can't collect and sote information from people under 13. So tell her that she's not allowed to lie about her age online and therefore she can't have a FB.
And, hey, even if there was something going on with gender stuff... I still wouldn't worry. I always played the boy characters, pretend to be a boy, etc. And now I do identify as one. But I wouldn't be worried either way.
My little sister usually liked my gifts, even if she wouldn't admit it at the time. I always got her something distinctly NOT girly, not clothes, not typical. If she's in to music everyone else is probably getting her music stuff - it's easy. I'd look at something *different* - for her 13th birthday I got my sister a book on Feminism, and a t-shirt that said "this is what a feminist looks like." Yeah, she kinda rolled her eyes, but last year we were talking and she...
Why not have give her a copy of our bodies, ourselves and link her to Scarleteen?
Things to make you feel better (maybe): He's lying when he says he's not scared. He really does want care packages He doesn't get along with his roommate that well He's not partying that much Tips: Do not friend him on facebook. It will scare both of you. He'll use it if you send it, but may not buy it himself - laundry soap, body soap, clean socks
Another suggestion - does the teacher know anybody who will be a counselor there? Maybe your son could hang out with the counselor once or twice before camp, and then he'd know an "adult" there?
Meepycat, speaking as a friend, your husband is not the only one who vetoed Zoe Serenity.
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