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We have two kids at SB Charter School. It is a wonderful school and I would be glad to answer any questions you might have, just send me a message. The school has a lottery coming up in late January or early February so you need to get your applications in before that. It is hardest to get in at kindergarten level but sometimes higher grades, too.  
I'm from Finland and currently live in the U.S. It's a bit hard to say exactly why Finnish schools would be so much better than the rest, but here's some ideas. People are rather similar, homogeneous. Similar backgrounds, similar social class, similar incomes, we even look oh so similar. I would say there's only a middle/working class, not really upper classes like here in the U.S. and much less of poor and homeless people. Not very much immigration except for the past...
Yes, for immigrating to the US and for becoming a US citizen.
I have an intact boy who is 4 years old. When he was 2 his penis got infected and hugely swollen and we had to take him to emergency in the middle of the night. He was basically screaming in pain even without anyone touching his penis. He was put on antibiotics because he had a bacterial infection. I don't know why he had it. The antibiotics didn't cure him well enough and the infection started spreading to his lymph nodes, but after he got another antibiotic by infection...
Boulder, Colorado fits 100%. But is it considered Midwest?
I speak the "other" language (Finnish) to my kids every day. I have brought over hundreds of children's books in Finnish, we watch DVDs in Finnish, we meet other Finns in the area (which is just one family, there are not many Finnish people here). During Christmastime we make Finnish foods and celebrate Christmas both the Finnish and the American way. We also visit Finland every other year for a month or two to keep the language alive. In our case I think BOOKS have been...
For my dd 6 has been the BEST age so far. She understands so much and most of the tantrums and difficulties have just vanished. Instead, we talk about things like reasonable people. She expresses her feelings and opinions by talking about them. Wow.
My ds 3.5 has always been obsessed by lights and lamps. Now he has extended his obsession to light switches and push buttons of any kind. He will seriously try to push everything that looks like a button no matter where it is. Once he switched off lights from an entire restaurant. H
It would make me hesitate. I like people who look natural. I know for sure it would bother dh. Pink hair would just send a message that you are not somehow happy with the way you are and look. Plus I just don't like pink as a color.
Gosh, I want it! In my city, you wouldn't get it under 1.5 million. Just makes me so mad.
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