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My period came back at nine weeks too And it came like clockwork again thirty days later. I feel very cheated!
I purchased several Target nursing tanks right after I had my little one and I have not been impressed at all. I am on the tall side and am also quite busty and these tanks do not cover my stomach at all. They are constantly riding up on me and always need to be pulled down. It's a shame because the price was really right.
That's ridiculous! I cannot help but wonder if babies are allowed to be fed with bottles in the childrens' section of the library? Probably so I am guessing, which makes this all the most sick & twisted.
*applause* It is wonderful that you were able to stand up for yourself despite facing hostility! Hopefully you have opened at least one or two minds with your important information!
Very interesting.
My baby is only three months old, but I am one of the really special mamas who gets her period back right away despite ecological breastfeeding. I have noticed with my two cycles thus far that I will have a supply dip starting two days before my period and will continue until the third day on my period. Once my period starts, my milk supply goes up little by little each day. Right after my period, I am back to my good ol' milky self again. My first period took me...
I have sadly never seen another mother NIP, but I would certainly smile if I did.
That's strange. I have always thought that EBF babes have particulary gorgeous skin
I feel very similiar to yourself, especially as neither my family nor my in-laws are people I agree with on many issues pertaining to parenting. None of them have any issue with CIO and do not see why myself or my husband immediatly grabs our baby should she start crying in one of their arms. We live several states away from my family and across the country from the in-laws, so when they do come to see us I do allow them to hold our little one, but the second she is...
About 20% of my husband's take home pay goes to groceries every month. The majority of our diet consists of TF and organic foods, plus I am a celiac, so we do pay a pretty penny for many GF grains, etc.
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