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I would tend to agree with you. I have actually not worked since I married, so I have never faced the challenges of work plus childrearing or even work plus taking care of my own home for that matter. Being a SAHM does come with it's own challenges, but personally they are challenges I much more prefer to working outside the home. The only time I have really been driven batty by being SAHW/SAHM is when my husband is deployed. The first few weeks take quite a bit of...
I am in agreement with everybody else! There is nothing wrong with bathing with your child/ren. I take a bath with my little one often and it really does make life much more convenient for us. She also loves to play in the water and the little infant bathtub does not allow for her to kick her little legs around and enjoy herself like being held by me in the bathtub does.
Amanda~ My daughter and I had a very rough start to our nursing relationship that sounds a bit similiar to yours. While we were still at the hospital, my little one did great with latching, however upon arriving home, having my milk come in, and my breasts growing two cup sizes during that one day, my daughter refused to latch any longer. We had already rented a hospital grade pump as she was born at thirty six weeks and we were advised by a LC that she may be a bit...
Thank you *very* much for all of the help and encouragement. I just nursed my daughter in front of a mirror and everybody was right on target with almost nothing being seen! I am going to try to NIP later on today and see how that goes. Hopefully after the first few times, I will be less akward and ready to just do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by beanbean I told this to my DH and he commented that he would have said, "Get out of my house now and don't contact us until you're ready to apologize." And DH is a very tactful, thoughtful guy. Hon, your family is not "mainstream" - they're a bit insane. If my husband had not been at work when my parent's little display went down, I am sure we would no longer be receiving phone calls from them now :P I did not...
Quote: Originally Posted by ramlita Oh, man, Buncha. How old was your mom when she had her first?? Amazingly, she was only twenty five herself.
I would love to join! For this month, I would like to rid my home of at least 300 items. Between thrift store donations, Freecycle, and giving items away to friends & neighbors, this goal should hopefully prove successful.
Would anybody be able to recommend a quality magnesium/calcium supplement?
At the present time, I nurse my daughter in my car or fitting rooms when I am out as I am still very akward with nursing. Between my large chest, her unlatching, and my overactive letdown, I feel like a big, goofy mess when nursing. I would LOVE to feel comfortable enough to nurse anytime, anywhere and am trying my hardest to work to that point, but in the meantime, I am taking NIP little by little for my own comfort. I honestly do not care what others in public may think,...
I used a MyBrestFriend pillow when I was first learning to nurse and it was very beneficial during those early weeks. I have not used it all since then though.
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