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The Real Diaper Association is searching out as many families currently using cloth diapers to complete The Great Cloth Diaper Survey 2012 . It only takes about 15-20 minutes. Your input will help the RDA to understand how families are using cloth diapers & give insight to know how to provide even better support in the future. What information is being sought? Well, to give a little peek:   Half of respondents make their own wipes &/or doublers, but less than...
OMG I missed your sewer saga! Ok, cross them until it's done! Oh hon, what horrible timing! 500 posts Took long enough. Look at yours! wowzers! Many, Many ELV, my friend!
Oh Micheeeeeeelleeeeee!!! I thought it would be all too appropriate to pop in where I don't belong (sorry ladies, and Congratulations! to you all!) and tell you it's safe to uncross your legs now! I finished your gowns today. They won't be in the mail until Monday, but they're ready to go. Had to break my MDC fast & come tell you. Wishing you a peaceful birth.
Where are you headed to in Germany?? I just posted to you on the yahoo group. I'm checking another board for you as well, but you beat me here. LOL Mini bump for you!
I literally HAVE to do a smaller load be cause the drum on the german f/l are MUCH smaller than almost any washer I've ever seen, except for a tiny stackable t/l & dryer I had in the closet of an old apt. But I can tell if I've waited too long to do diapers because I notice they don't get as clean if I put too many in there. Then I'm off kicking myself again. LOL :LOL
I would never go back to a t/l. I had some problems when we moved here going from an american f/l to a german f/l...these are smaller, use even less water & detergent & take longer to go through cycles, but are even more efficient than american f/ls. I have to wash more often with smaller loads so as to not overload the washer. All poo must go in the toilet. Use, longest, hottest cycle for the main wash. Clean out that seal! :LOL Even if I have to use multiple...
It totally depends on how warm it is, how much humidity is in the air, now thick the cover/soaker is...yadda, yadda, yadda. :LOL I've found that if you do the towel roll & put it in a warm sunny area where it the wool gets lots of circulation, it will dry so much faster. If you can hang it or have something like a flat sweater dryer so the air can get all around it, all the more better. I washed some the other night & it only took overnight to dry...but it was also...
I've been a bit scarce from MDC for a while, so I'd like to know if other ads have been put to a vote to this community before being posted in the past. Must everyone be put under a microscope to advertise here? I think it is wrong to put one business owner under such scrutiny before her store even opens. She's selling diapers for goodness sake! I don't think this has been pointed out before, but the patch on the tab is the same one the Army wears on their uniforms....
I was just going to come & ask the same thing & saw your thread. I bought somr for future use & can't get over how different it looks from the old one. It is humungo compared to my old one. How is it trimmer??? Granted, I haven't washed it yet as I'm hoping ds will p/l & I can save it for the next baby, but it really is much bigger. Just a long winded way of saying I'm taggin' onto this thread. :LOL
Thanks, it worked.
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