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I use to post here all the time, and stalked with the the rest of them, but i don't have anytime to stalk or get on the computer that much, i look at Ella's dipes and think what was i thinking spending that much money on one dipe..... it was Hyena fever i think. I've been out of the loop so long i'm unfamilar with the new WAHM shops and the all the "new Diapers" Nice to see this post so i could say Hello Amy
Quote: Originally posted by Mrs. Edwards Ugh, I give up. I had the melon seed in my cart checked out and even got the message: In just a few moments you should receive receipt of your order via e-mail. Please do not respond to this message. We will contact you within 2 business days with completed shipping charges. Please make no payment at this time. Your account will not be charged until we verify with you all shipping calculations. And, since I...
Congrats Sandy and Trish!!!! i haven't been on the boards for awhile myself, been busy with the girls, kindergarten, preschool, church, work...... I really miss you ladies!!! i'm still cloth diapering, I am so excited that you both are expecting! It makes me homesick for a newborn again, Ella is going to be 11 months old in a few days and she's not a little baby anymore I used prefolds with ella when she was a baby congrats again!
congrats! i used prefolds and fitteds when Ella was a newborn, they grow so fast i would stick with prefolds and have a few cute fitteds, i used a combo of wool covers and ME airflow covers in the beginning ( that's what kept the bf poops in for us) i did find that nautral unbleached sherpa is great for those bf explosions. and oh so soft congrats again, i would love to have another, but dh says he's right, i just always have newborn fever, ( i guess tha's...
thanks for the quick info now i just have to decide which print of diaper and what weight of wool cover i want
so do these dipes and covers run true to size ? they look great
Kristin i think it's calling Ellie's name..... your Ellie, not mine! :LOL
Thanks for being a great mod! Family comes 1st. isn't that what Mothering is all about.... Making those tough decisions and knowing which priorities come first. sounds like you made the right choice.
Welcome Trish! i couldn't think of anyone better to mod! ( i consider you one of the wisest hyenas in the pack! )
http://familyauction.com/cgi/item.pl?item=37546 have you mama's seen this. it's sooooo beautiful. yes, i am the highest bidder, now i'm like oh no i might win, do any of you ever have hyena bidding guilt? please feel free to outbid me!, i love it but my dh is going to kill me!:LOL. I'll actually be if i win it, i've never had one of Carrie's applique covers before.
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