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I think it should work fine and the zucchini bread will just be more delicate/have a finer crumb -- kind of the equivalent of, if you used cake flour instead of all-purpose flour.
Meal planning only started helping me after I stopped being a perfectionist about it (i.e., plan 3 meals a day plus after-school snack, every meal balanced and picturesque) I took the advice of someone in this forum who talked about planning what you really eat. So I'll write down broth with noodles, which is actually what my kids end out eating 1x/wk. Just put down the simplest thing, then follow through and cook it. Don't be embarrassed if your meal plan has just the...
sorry about your pumpkin soup! that's so sad when you make something from scratch, happily freeze some for future use... and then you have to throw it away in the end.
Mmm... cookie dough, some things are worth the risk
good for you for persevering through the problems in the early days. And congratulations on your 1 year old, such a big milestone
I loved the preemie-sized prefolds for my newborns (though my babies were far from being preemies at 9+ pounds. I found that they weren't bulky at all and then later they can be used as doublers in larger-sized diapers and as cloth "wipes"
I really love Revereware, stainless steel with copper bottoms. Works great!
after its done cooking, put a thin cotton dishtowel over the pot of rice, then put the lid back on. This soaks up the extra steam/water and makes for fluffy rice
Hey bunnyflakes! This is a really inspiring thread. I'm happy for you. Even just the title is going to stick with me, "Babysteps for a better life" I feel like I personally have a long way to go to get to a better place.\ and so it's important that I think in baby steps --- and remember how far you've come
I'm sorry it's so hard for you guys. It's true that some people just can't conceive how it is to truly live on the bare bare minimum. Hang in there! it sounds like the move will be a good thing
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