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Don't feel bad. I'm sorry that they acted scornful in front of you, that's so unfair I mean, to me .18 actually is *something* If I can scrounge up 18 cents five times, I'll have a dollar to buy my son an ice cream cone, which is cause for celebration. People just don't realize that if you are tracking things that closely, it's because it makes a difference to you.
Quote: I ask what they would like to do first. I ask for their ideas about agendas for the day. I try to elicit ideas from them. What would you like to do? What do you enjoy? Oh, I don't know. Whatever is fine is always the reply. But they always say it's a problem or snipe about it after the fact. This has happened so many times. They don't speak up and I think they are fine with things, then learn later they didn't like it. Could it be that there...
I'm so sorry. I don't think you should tell your kids you may never see him again, though, just that he lives very far and has no plans to come here.
I like the idea of having the materials ready/partially prepped to build swords, then they can practice fencing with them. my former 5 year old would have loved that.
yay! how fun to see her get onto it and enjoy the satisfaction of making thread!
It's amazing that with such a low grocery/household budget ($380) - there *still* is that much room for savings (i.e., cut out junk food, fast food, buying aprons or whatever) You are doing great. It just goes to show that one really can live on very little if you only buy good food and cook from scratch. (which I know you guys do, in style, 90% of the time!)
I think you should go to a family shelter, too
Quote: Originally Posted by sunnmama It is possible that the behaviors you are seeing aren't representative of what the kids are like in their own homes. They might actually love books on cd alone in their own bedroom, and their own board games with their families. that We are completely TV, video, electronic-game free so I know where the OP is coming from! But I try not to assume things about children's home lives based on a short time...
One point to consider -- would having had this job look good on your nursing school application? Besides good grades in your pre-req classes, I would think having worked in the field would be good. If the other person was over-qualified, I was just thinking, is this like an "in" to a very good job that normally an LPN wouldn't be hired for? If so, I would think that experience might be good for your nursing career overall. I actually kinda agree with what all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka is it possible they were donating as much as they could get rid of? the grocery store I work donates about a quarter of its day old bread. One thing I don't get is, why doesn't the bakery at the grocery store start making less bread every day? In a market economy, one would think this would all operate more efficiently -- like, the business manager tracking which days they usually end up with much less
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