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Quote: Originally Posted by swtmama2be Growing up, anytime DH or his brothers wanted to express any "negative" emotions they were punished aggressively (paddle, bycicles taken away and smashed, severe consequences!) To me, that is abusive
But she doesn't know what she's serving yet so she can't mention chili What about if you worked it into arrival time/game time? The big game starts at 2 - bring an appetizer to share so we can munch during the 1st 1/2. Dinner will be at 4. Ok so my wording is not clever and sparkly either...
Quote: Originally Posted by onlyboys If you do choose to terminate, I think you really must reevaluate your relationship with your boyfriend. Is this the person you WANT to be partnered to? He was threatening to call social services if you left him. And he was unsupportive to you at a time of great emotional turmoil. I'm not saying you should break up immediately - but you have had the chance to see how he reacts in life when things...
does his dresser have a deep drawer on the bottom? one of ours does and I put all the stuffed animals in there. you may have to pare down his clothes to make it work, though
post on freecycle that you regularly have this many extra loaves. I bet you'd find some regulars who would take it off your hands, or meet you at the dumpster on the day you retrieve them
Quote: Originally Posted by MariesMama How much more height does the Radian have than the Marathon anyway. Don't know the exact numbers but the Radian does have significantly more height. My six year old (tall) can still fit in the Radian, height-wise (forward-facing, of course) I think you'd get years more with a Radian and could just turn it around when the time comes.
That sounds really spooky and fun. Plus, a good long hike with friends is just awesome any day. Enjoy
Quote: Originally Posted by That Is Nice What title? Working mother? I think Bethla meant your thread title!
I am good at cooking healthy fast meals including my kids in cleaning & cooking tasks so it's fun for them & they learn how finding out about fun cheap events in the community and going to them I do good funny voices for the characters when reading books, doing puppet shows!
Our big collection of various sets of sturdy wooden blocks (with all kinds of interesting pieces, shapes thrown in there) has gotten far and away the most use
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