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Quote: Originally Posted by Leta -I still use homemade laundry detergent for diapers, but I switched to Coldwater Tide (1 fl oz per load- yes, I measure) for general laundry to save on our hot water bill. But now I'm thinking that maybe the savings don't offset the cost of the Tide- anybody have any thoughts on this? i don't think it's either/or I use homemade laundry detergent w/ cold water. I just boil some H2o in our electric kettle and...
I am interested to see your non-food list and help you analyze! I can't imagine what adds up to $100 -- it makes me think maybe I am secretly losing money that way, too. Also, I know you have a great pantry-stocking system for buying food. But coupons combined w/ sales are actually great for non-food items. I don't use coupons for food at all but have recently gotten into it for drugstore type stuff and it's great. I just stocked rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and...
This happened to me. Vinegar doesn't work. Oxyclean in the washing machine doesn't work. The only thing that made a difference for me was sunning the stuff outside for several days, in hot sun, turning them over to expose both sides. But the Dawn sounds good! I would forget about being totally green on this one.
Here's a great obit and commentary on his best movies (written by my sister!) http://www.slate.com/id/2224639/
Quote: Originally Posted by lillacfaerie Like right now, I'm writing this and thinking I should be sweeping. I just can't seem to relax without feeling anxious or guilty or something. To me, this *is* anxiety to the point that it is interfering w/ your life (can't relax & enjoy) and needs to be treated -- not necessarily with drugs, but seeing a professional could only help. I hate having a mess around, too - it's a struggle but you've got to...
If your husband is saying to find a psychiatrist, go ahead and do it. Even if you think you can't afford it. If you think about it, he would probably rather go without almost everything other than food & shelter to help you regain mental health. Especially if he is the one who is the object of your rage. I hope you feel better soon! it's so hard, I know...
Quote: Originally Posted by natural_mama89 I just wanted him to commit to the kids, which he has now. . what does this mean?
Quote: Originally Posted by itsrtimedownhere i freeze in a muffin tray and pop them out into a bag when they are frozen. i'd love to freeze in glass but i'm intimidated. great idea, I"m going to try that! I don't like freezing in jars because it's hard to keep the freezer organized for me with a bunch of jars. I can put a few in the freezer door but otherwise they are too awkward and falling over, in with the rest of the stuff.
You're giving them shelter, running water and food - which is already a lot. I'm pretty sure they would want those things enough to try and get money for them
I have anxiety about so many situations in general, I have to say it's a relief to read this thread and realize -- here's something I have no anxiety about!! I can't imagine why anyone would be worried about shopping at a farmer's market
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