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Quote: Originally Posted by Poddi The only people who ever complain about my food are my parents. They're both excellent cooks and can't imagine having only 4 items on the table. They have 6 - 8 dishes on the table all the time, even for just the two of them. When we visit it's usually 10 - 12, always cooked from scratch and fresh. My dad's meatballs have 10 - 12 fresh ingredients including carrots and asparagus. Wow! Was it like that when...
Quote: Originally Posted by cristina47454 Just pick yourself up, resolve not to let it happen again, try to get them to reverse, and in the meantime, switch to cash until it's under control!! This. Those fees are outrageous. If I were you I would go in(after your exams are over), sit at one of those desks where you talk to a manager-person. Start by being calm, professional, with an air about you that *of course* they will help. Then...
I know exactly how you feel. I do want a third too but I'm afraid I can't handle it from a mood point of view. Even though, as you say, there are some times, weeks at a time, where we are just so joyful and fulfilled as parents and our boys thrive... For now I have decided it's just going to be 2 b/c I am fearful of ruining a good thing, putting too much pressure on our great (but in so many ways, fragile) little family.
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Banging it with a hammer is a possibility, as is dropping it out their bedroom window onto the patio stones. DS2 is a cyclone...a really, really, really cute cyclone, but still a cyclone.
Also, if you're good friends can't you just broach the topic sometime over dinner/hanging out, tell them about how valuable you find Dave Ramsey's approach and show them your copy/let them know it's available at the library. That way, they get the same information and benefit from your enthusiasm about it, but the $$ doesn't have to go for the book. I guess I'm just *really* frugal but I always use the library for books if at all possible! Even DR would approve! Then...
Why would the govt. give you food stamps if you have 24k in savings?. :
from your list, I would definitely cut the toy parking garage and the giant wooden rocking dragon. Even if they are much played with toys. You can play parking garage with an emptied out bookshelf or a sideways box. Better to have actual space in the room to roll and jump around in, than a wooden rocking horse that they will get sick of anyway, soon enough. Also, what are all of these reference books? There will be a library you can use, just take one dictionary and...
Quote: Originally Posted by muse it feels wierd for him to do that when we have no money and i feel he should spend every minute looking for work What strikes me is, if he's planning this trip, he is perhaps not very serious about looking for work. He's basically counting on still not having a job two months hence.
Yes, wait till you meet him to decide! You could call him/think of him as one of the names for a full day after he arrives and see how it feels I agree that the Felix name is more original and that's why I like it better. Nicolas is a beautiful boys name, I agree. Keep in mind that even if you call him Nico and try to get it to "catch on", he may end up going by Nick or Nicolas at a certain point in his childhood
I'm sorry. That must be so hard I do think though that she probably wants to be with her dad *because* he never did those things like school events, being there for her -- is she striving to win his love, while she is already so secure in yours that she doesn't need to
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