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what is an FTM?
Check into the CHIP thing, yes you have to be uninsured for 90 days but if something were to happen during the uninsured period, and you qualify for CHIP, the insurance can be applied retroactively for 3 mo That would save you almost 300 right there. Then if your dh gets the job, the gas bill will go way down. You would have that car to drive but would try to use it wisely. (I think even if you do sell the house, your income does not justify owning 2 cars) I think you...
Quote: Originally Posted by formerluddite all i can say is, $100 perfume? but you can pry my $5 chunk of 8 year old cheddar ($26.99/lb)out of my cold dead hands.
I correct my son when he has started calling me Mom instead of Mama. so far it's working I love being "Mama" and I figure, each person gets to decide what she wants to be called.
Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingJoy I buy toys and baby gear at garage sales and one craigslist and then sell for at least (if not more than) what I paid. Why would you do that if you weren't getting more than what you paid?
I am so sorry for what you going through. That must be unbelievably hard : the part of foster parenting that makes it all the more amazing that loving people like you find it within yourself to give that love, knowing it may not be a permanent situation s please take care of yourself. I can't *believe* it's not part of the process to transition slowly with visits, time with both families, etc.
they are missing out on the fun part, 3 clean little ones fresh from the bath in their pj's Seriously, they are lucky to have you. It sounds like the parents are doing the bare minimum and that it doesn't officially qualify as neglect. But *to me* it is neglect. And IMO the kids probably wouldn't be such a handful if they were better cared for, with a more predictable routine, without the endless TV, eating food randomly around the house, living in a messy environment,...
what a great idea to compile those recipes! I am definitely interested in the final result, too
Quote: Originally Posted by velochic ANYONE can get money sense. They just need to take the time to read. But for some people, not knowing that you can educate yourself by taking the time to read is *part* of their lack of money sense. If people grow up a certain way, they don't even know about the existance of the world of financial planning & budgeting. Or if they do, it's seen as a faraway Wall Street thing for rich businessmen, not the...
Am I going to have a 3rd child?
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