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Yep.  I actually have two cookie sheets I use for making things like roasted veggies and oven fries, and 3 I use for making cookies and pizza.  The cookie and pizza only ones aren't totally pristine, but are mostly shiny and silverish.  The other ones are black and are best for browning things.
I budget $100/month.  It will slowly build up for a few months and then get blown buying winter boots or back to school shoes.  But, I have been thinking about increasing it slightly, because most of my clothes are in really bad shape and I can't see how to afford to replace them regularly enough on that budget.  I always put the kids' clothing needs first, and I end up wearing tshirts with holes in the pits.
That's my solution to rising prices too.  Buy things when they're on sale and stick in the pantry, fridge or freezer until the next sale, as much as possible.  I usually have 2-10lbs of butter in the freezer, 1-6 dozen eggs in the fridge at any given time, etc.  I'm not spending more on groceries, but prices have definitely gone up and I'm shopping more carefully.
We did until last month.  The room is about 12'x12', with a decent sized closet.  We had 2 in a bunk bed and the other in a twin.  There were book shelves and another shelving unit for some toys.  One double dresser for two girls' clothes, one plastic drawer for the youngest's clothes.  We outfitted the closet with a narrow floor to ceiling shelving unit and then double bars.  The shelving unit held sweaters, extra sheets, and extra slippers, shoes and rubber boots.  The...
10-15 minutes should be enough.  If you have low humidity, open the door and put a portable fan in it to pull the moist air into the rest of the house. 
Why not hang most of the clothes, then get something like this http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10154558/ for the items that can't be hung up. (You can get similar items anywhere, not just ikea).
I am so sorry for your loss.   I lost my second child in a very similar way over 11 years ago now.  He was 5 weeks old at the time.  I realized there was something wrong within minutes.  The paramedics and hospital did manage to restart his heart, but that only meant that we had to decide to remove life support 5 days later.  His brain stem had shut down.
For us, $2500 minimum is our goal.  If we go below that, we have to pay $9/month fees on our account.  Above that, the account is free. 
It's more likely that the mice found a way inside around the same time you got the Christmas tree because it was getting colder.
I would go with first come, first served, as long as they could come and pick them up promptly.  I don't want to sort through dubious sob stories or deal with people saying they want something and then putting it off for days.
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