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There are cfls that are practically instant on.  We have some in our kitchen and bathroom and I can really see the difference compared to the regular cfls.
You are living green by living in an apartment.  The amount of energy required to heat or cool you individual residence is much smaller than if you had the exact same sized house with no attached neighbours, and most houses are bigger than most apartments, making the energy savings even greater.   Other things to add to your list: chose items with less packaging when shopping reuse packaging eg. I own no tupperware or similar, I just reuse sour cream, yogurt, etc...
I would not stay in a house that only got to 55F while running the heat full blast.  At minimum, call and demand your current landlord fix the situation immediately.  It would definitely make a house here considered uninhabitable to not be able to bring it up to a reasonable room temperature.   I don't know the landlord/tenant laws where you live, so make sure you're doing what you need to to avoid being on the hook for rent at both places.
It's not baby number 2 (or 3 or 4) that costs much money.  It's child and teenager number 2 (etc.).  My 3yo costs us next to nothing.  My 12, 9, and 7 year olds, however, eat a ton of food, need space of their own (bigger house), take swimming lessons, like new (to them) clothes and toys once in a while, and have school fees (even in public school), among other costs.
We spend $600/month for 6 of us.  2adults (and dh eats a ton), 4 kids (12, 9, 7, 3).  I make most things from scratch, shop sales, and it's still a struggle some months.  I shop at multiple stores over the month to get the best prices on most things.  Most stores I can walk to though, and the furthest is only 5km from home, so I'm not burning a ton of gas to shop around.  Dairy prices are where I really notice the difference in prices vs. the US (and even Ontario is...
  We pay out of pocket for glasses and the dentist.   Dinners out once or twice a month.   Minimal amounts of clothing for 6 people.   Books once in a while.   Kid's activities.   Family membership to the aquarium.   Out to the movies 3-4 times per year.   Wine/cider.   Home improvements.   Some furniture and housewares.  We don't change with the seasons or anything, but things wear out eventually.  I bought the kids new flannel sheets for their beds this fall because...
I would try getting some of the dishwasher cleaner stuff and running it with an empty load.  Or, if you can find the manual for your model online, there might be cleaning instructions in it.
I have stainless steel with silicone bottom mixing bowls too.  They nest together so that they don't take up any more space than the largest bowl.  The largest is perfect for letting 2 loaves worth of bread dough rise.  They're fairly light, and no risk of chipping or denting.
Unless you have a geothermal system (and then depending on how your system works), you save money turning the temperature down for several hours at a time, day or night.  The other possible exception would be using electric heat sources if you were on time of day billing. 
Our current 12 month average is just under $130 for an all electric house, including heat and hot water. We use energy efficient lights, turn them off when we leave the room, unplug tv, etc. at night, hang clothes outside 8 months of the year, keep the heat at 14C /58F at night and 18C/64F during the day. We also don't have any a/c and use fans instead during the summer, but it gets cold here and we need heating from October-May. Adding that there are 6 of us, and the...
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