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I shared this in the other thread as well. It isn't a curriculum, but resources divided by subject. http://fun-books.com/ It is specific for unschoolers. I learned about it a few years back from LillianJ (an unschooler). HTH
http://fun-books.com/ Specifically for unschoolers
Yes. Totally doable. We live in a tiny space too. We're currently in a mobile home while we save to build our house. It's very manageable; just focus on organization and being clutter free. Here is a blog post I did about a year ago, but it has pictures of how I organize things. Putting bookshelves behind my couch was the best solution for us. If you don't have a lot of books-- a basket would be great. (The photos only show up on a computer & not an iphone or ipad).
We like Times Tales and Timez Attack
hugs. no worries. FWIW, i am a fairly structured homeschooler, but wanted to pop in. i hope you don't mind.  i didn't even begin to teach reading at all until my children were at least six years old. in fact, i don't do anything structured until ages 6 or 7 (and I'm talking an hour or two?).  I read to them, followed their interest, etc. but my child actually reading wasn't on my radar at that age.   even when they began reading, we focused on their progress and not...
my 12 year old daughter loves the parties. we have always homeschooled until this year & one of her favorite things is the "fun" stuff at school - so my opinion is let the parties, candy, and sometimes unrelated movies stay. i'm fine with it.
at 8 1/2, i probably would be concerned if he wasn't reading beyond beginner books.  i agree with previous posters about having his vision checked and for tracking issues as well.  assuming you are working with him often (which it sounds like you do), i would be concerned about progress & would want to rule out any possible underlying issues.  i definitely agree that children are all over the map at your son's age, so i wouldn't be concerned with public school milestones,...
one thing i do to create a simpler lifestyle is canning. it is cost effective, healthy, and so simple.  i also have learned to sew recently. sewing is perfect for recycling old clothes. i have purses made from old wool sweaters and dated suits.  at christmas i was able to make all handmade repurposed gifts.      i liked oak meadow & mothering on FB.  i also shared the giveaway at my FB & posted it to my blog too!
my daughter is going to public middle school next year, so we will be working through the FCAT standardized test book to give her an idea of what they've been working on.  we are both a little nervous, as she has never been to school in any shape or form.  my son is still going to homeschool, so we'll just keep up with math so he doesn't forget it all 
well, i am a christian, but that is really irrelevant to my posts here unless someone is specifically asking about some kind of faith based curriculum.  i find this forum & another one that i frequent to be really interactive and supportive, regardless of faith and background.  when we lived in charlotte, our homeschool group was really inclusive of all kinds of people and everyone got along quite lovely. i think intolerant people will simply frequent forums and create...
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