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i agree with amy.
i saw this at another homeschool forum today: http://www.abcthekey.com/   it looks pretty good, so i thought i would share it here as well.  my son already reads really well, but i'm still considering using this to go alongside his spelling program. We use AAS, which is also orton gillingham based. i looked through the website today & it definitely seems like a solid program.  just wanted to share.     hope this helps someone
i think i've narrowed our choices down...  all subject to change of course.   5th GRADE Science - Apologia Zoology & Journal Notebook History - Veritas Press online class Math - CLE grade 5 Spelling - Apples and Pears or Dictation Writing - IEW Level SWI A or Essentials in Writing Grade 5 Grammar -  No idea?? Latin - Prima Latina? 3rd GRADE Science - Apologia Zoology and Junior Notebook History - Veritas Press online class Math - CLE Grade 3 Spelling -...
yes, i'm looking ahead for sure. i'm still undecided though.  we'll definitely use CLE for math with both kids.  for writing i'm leaning toward IEW or essentials in writing. science and history are still uncertain, as is everything else.  sigh.
hooked on phonics worked great with my son, it is especially a good fit for him because it has no writing & is very open and go (and short lessons!).  we just finished the second grade level and he's reading chapter books easily now.  we also use AAS 2, which works well because it includes dictation and reinforces phonics.  for writing, this has been working well:   how to write a paragraph and second grade writing prompts (scroll down to calendar prompts).  anyway. both...
i saw your spelling program at TWTM. it is really put together nicely! thank you so much for sharing that on your blog!! i definitely bookmarked it and plan to incorporate it with my kids!!! thank you again!    
Miranda, I LOVE your blog. I always enjoy seeing how successful you are in homeschooling your children. I enjoy running too, so following your journey there is fun for me as well!     ETA - enjoyed all of these...bookmarked a few! coming back to read later
when the new format switched over at MDC, we had to change our siggies. blog links can still be found by clicking on the member's username and you can find their blog that way (if they have one to share). just view their profile.  my blog is here   my computer died a couple of months ago, so i haven't posted anything new since before christmas.  it's kind of lame too, but it is usually homeschool related in some form or fashion. we just bought a new computer, so i'm...
IEW does have theme based writing programs, and one that they offer is on the bible. so in that case, it would be christian related for sure. otherwise, their products can be used in a secular manner.      tankgirl, thanks for the yahoo name! i joined it and am lurking and enjoying the posts
I'm interested in IEW too. I was looking at it for next year with my daughter (who'll be in 5th) and combining it with m son (who'll be in 3rd).  I've read so many mixed reviews & the actual website doesn't give me a full feel for how the program works (the samples are just so-so). I wish I could see a better breakdown of the program.  Anyway, I've narrowed it down between IEW A or Essentials in Writing (keeping kids in their own levels). So I'll be watching this thread....
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