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The Moby was my lifesaver! It did take a while to get used to wrapping it, and figure out putting them in and taking them out alone, but once I mastered it was wonderful. It can be hot to wear so I usually would wear just a tank top underneath. The babies loved it too, I was sad when they got to big to wear together. http://blufiles.storage.live.com/y1p...QrUpxc970wDzCN
I"m glad to see I'm not the only part timer! I really had never set out to do this, but my son was just so obvious when he was pooping that I decided to go ahead and try. We do fairly well; usually getting a poop and a few pees a day. He's a twin and I've been trying to get in synch with his sister, but haven't been as successful. I'm just not pushing it though... I figure if I can do this with even one of them then I'm ahead of the game.
A few things that have saved me: having a downstairs nursery. I have two changing pads, clothes, bibs, burp cloths, etc both up and down. I only wish I'd had 2 diaper pails. boppy lounger pillows for each of them. the practically lived in those things for the first few months. Not really an item, but the idea of not buying 2 of something before trying it out with the kids first. my son hates the bumpo but my daughter likes it, now I'm stuck with two...
This was the only think that would help my son at times. He had such problems with gas and had mild reflux too. This would always make him burp or toot within minutes, plus it helps them relax and calm down. It's more one expensive side but well worth the $, in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by hmmm... at 19 weeks with twins I'd gained 18 pounds. I'm now at 22 weeks - it'll be interesting to see where I end. I get a lot of "You're so small!" comments, then people are really surprised when I tell them there're two in there. oh my gosh, I get this all the time, even though I'm measuring 4 weeks ahead!
26 weeks with twins I lost 12 lbs my first trimester, so I've gained a total of 29 lbs, but I'm only 17 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight.
The problem is actually my ureters, the tubes leaving the kidneys to the bladder. The babies are putting a lot of pressure on them and essentialy pinching them off so that urine is backing up in my kidneys. My situation was very painful the first few days; when I peed my sides hurt so badly I almost passed out. The pain level has decreased though, so I'm assuming that some of the pressure has been releived. My situation isn't restricted to those who are pregnant,...
I'm 24 weeks pregnant and found out last week that I have hydronephrytis of both my kidneys. It was incredibly painful in the beginning but the pain level has gone down some over the past few days. I went to a Urologist who said that normaly they would put stents in to drain them but they want to avoid doing so since I'm pregnant. Essentially, they're going to help me find a system of pain managment until after the babies are born, but if I start getting worse (vomiting...
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