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Quote: Originally Posted by bri276 I love the ST dvds also, I learn from them as much as dd (actually I have to strive to keep up with her!) I also bought a sign language dictionary. I do know they sometimes offer ASL classes if you have a school for the deaf near you, or possibly at another educational institution, because I know mothers and therapists who are taking courses. Our local state college and our local jr college both offer ASL...
We used Signing Time dvds, I love this website, and dh and I also took classes at our local Society for Handicapped.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kodama I really wish they would give you a clear cut income limit and have that be public knowledge. The whole thing is crazy! If you do not qualify just because of income, do they send you a denial letter? We have to be denied first before we can apply for the deeming waiver for her. We know she will get the deeming waiver. We even have an advocate who will help her get it. It is just messed up that we have to jump...
I live in CA, so I'm sure it's different based on state. I would just go ahead and apply. They will tell you right away at your first interview if you make too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by pilesoflaundry I used to tell ds to crash into the couch when he was doing that. My youngest hits others or headbutts when she needs that kind of input, crashing the couch never worked for her. I sympathize with you! : My ds broke our couch in half earlier in the year by doing that so much. lol
We have Season 1 and 2 of the muppet show. Dom loves it. He stands in front of the tv and performs the dance acts with his older sister. It is absolutely adorable!
We started using PECS, but Dom started to pick up ASL and we figured that ASL would be easier since he wouldn't need a book and pictures of everything, so we dropped PECS and just went w/ the ASL. We use the Signing Time videos to teach it to him. For some reason he learns better from TV than from me. Since he is talking more, he doesn't use the signs primarily anymore. He uses them as backup when we can't understand what he is saying (which is pretty often).
We tried it for 3 months. I didn't notice any difference at all other than Dom being pissed that we had taken away his pizza and "real" pasta. lol But Dom doesn't have any gut issues or food allergies. I can see maybe it helping if there are allergies or celiacs or something. *shrug*
Quote: Originally Posted by KJoslyn78 we LOVE Signing time! When my dd was evuled in Jan. - i mentioned we were learning/using some signs and they really encouraged it for her. We have all 13 signing time! DVDs plus the 2 baby signing time! DVDs, and the music. We're addicts ETA: many library systems have them to borrow too! That is where we were first able to watch all of them (we could never catch it on PBS!) Our PBS still doesn't show...
I got an email today that the vhs tapes are on sale for $5 each today. I just wanted to share in case anyone was thinking of getting some but didn't want to spend $20 a pop. We have all of them and the kids and I love them. Dom had no language at the beginning of last summer and I had tried for 6 months to teach him ASL and he just wouldn't imitate me. Then someone recommended the videos so I got the first three volumes and by the end of the first month he had 10...
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