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   I don't think the survival rate of quads varied widely from family to family or circumstance to circumstance in the 1700s.     
First planned c-section.  She's had several before.      
Wait, what?  Did this teacher also propose the idea that there are pyramids on Mars?
  You're not horrible.  You have a lot on your plate right now.  Is there any way you can get more help? 
More random grossness:   Dermatologists will remove warts by burning them off with lasers.  Then dermatologists started getting warts growing in their noses because in the process the virus ended up in the air and they breathed it in.  
  I've had two homebirths (singletons) and I'm not exactly a new member, but I have to say- with mono-di twins I would choose to be in a hospital.  The potential for iatrogenic complications does go up, yes, but those complications are less likely to involve a catastrophic outcome than a homebirth in this situation.   Twins, shared placenta, two previous c-sections; there is just too much potential for Really Bad Things to happen.  I'm not certain I would trust a birth...
This is true...but... In the hospital, things are different.  You don't wash your hands before and after you touch someone at home (I hope).  You don't have vulnerable, sick, immunocomprimised people relying on you not to transfer bodily secretions.  Most healthcare workers are colonized with MRSA.  You know how the test for that?  They swab the inside of YOUR NOSE.   Heck, there are rules against eating ANYTHING in patient care areas, doesn't matter if it's boogers or...
What would your living arrangement look like?  We share a house with another family, but it's subdivided into two units. It's perfect!
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