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I haven't read the rest of this thread, I just wanted to chime in briefly.   I'd like to see slightly more moderation of *content*, but not of tone.  Mean, snarky, saracastic (within reason) is fine; presumably grown adults can handle someone being something less than perfectly gentle and supportive on an internet message board.  But if we have people promoting/defending, say, using CIO, in a thread about dealing with sleep difficulties, then what's the point of...
My little guy turns 3 in July and is rear facing.  He's on the small side, so he's nowhere near the weight limit for his seat yet and we won't turn him forward until we need to.  :)
Hang in there!!!!     With my first I lost my plug in early labor (and the days before).  With my second I didn't see any mucous or bloody show until I was at 7cm, so don't be too discouraged by that, at least!
This is a complete tangent, but....really?  Where ARE you?  I've nursed in public, at airports, restaurants, parks, gymnastics lessons, in New England and in the South, with an infant and with a toddler, while pregnant, and never once had anyone say ANYTHING negative.  I've also never gotten any comments about switching to formula.   Maybe I'm just terrifying?
My first son used a pacifier (I hate that term, actually), from shortly after my milk came in until he was about 5 or 6 months old.  I had overactive letdown, and he wasn't really able to comfort nurse at the breast since the fire hose milk would come on and drown him (making him MORE upset and making him want to nurse MORE and...well...it didn't work so well).  He was always very clear on when he wanted the breast and when he wanted the paci, and if we offered the wrong...
I don't mind heplocks, personally; if I was in the hospital I'd be fine getting one.   They can be a pain in the butt if you want to have a waterbirth or spend time in the tub, though, since it's not a good idea to stick your arm in the water with that in there and who wants to worry about where you're putting your hand when you're in the middle of a contraction?
  Hah!  It's even better to get to answer "two days ago". While working. At the hospital.   And then have to explain that, no, if I do start to explode, and I actually be LEAVING the building and going home~ 
There is no ethical dilemma.  This family needs help.  Presumably, they don't want to be harming their baby, but they are.    You need to contact someone who can intervene.  Not 'if something seems odd' at dinner.  Now.
DDDC from June- I used hypnobabies in my last pregnancy, and this one.   It definitely still works if you "sleep" through it; however some of the tracks give you cue words for relaxation, and you can't use the cue words on your own when you're in labor if you don't know what they are!  So it's worth it to try and listen to each of the tracks at least once while staying somewhat conscious. 
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