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Quote: Originally Posted by StormySar I guess I dont understand how this turned into a fight when your dh acknowledged all that you do (because you were taking it as a compliment). Because he didn't acknowledge that it's screwed up that our culture as a whole doesn't value stay-at-home parenting, and instead defended it. (at least, that's why I'd be upset if it was me). It's lovely that her dh thinks she works hard. It would be nice if the...
Quote: Originally Posted by nia82 If you want to make Soda at home, buy a Sodamaxx machine. It introduces bubbles (CO2) into water, you can then add flavors you like. I used to have one in Europe and they now sell it in the US too. That sounds fantastic! : But I can't seem to find it online anywhere...where can I get it??
Minimalist here... Do you ever really NEED a band-aid, immediately? I mean, if I cut is bad enough that it must be bandaged you probably need a proper bandage and not a little band-aid. And if it's small enough that you can get away with using a band-aid, you could also get away with it be uncovered for a few hours until you get back home. We do take a diaper bag with a change of clothes everywhere we go, but that's because my son gets carsick
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Second...my kids get lots of undivided, loving attention at bedtime. We just happen to have a family tradition, going back to my mom with us, of singing at bedtime, as opposed to reading. .....The implication that children who aren't being read to each and every single night are being somehow neglected is really condescending. We don't read to our sons at bedtime We curl up, turn off the lights,...
My first did not comfort nurse, at all, for quite awhile (at least 6 months? Maybe longer? I don't remember). To be fair, I had overactive letdown, so nursing on his part WASN'T comforting so much as a frantic race to avoid drowning... He's two, and nursing right now : He also nursed through my pregnancy with his brother, during which there were at least two months of no milk at all. So it did become about more than just food, eventually.
I understand the appeal of fasting in this situation- it takes the thinking out of it. Is there another way you could simplify your diet? Maybe come up with 2-3 meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you *know* are safe, easy to make, and portable, and just use those when you don't have the time/energy/brainpower to think about what you're eating?
The thoughts themselves don't serve as a giant red flag for me, but the 'anxiety in the pit of your stomach' frequently does. The fact that it's decreasing is promising, though. I think that it's reasonable to give the supplements and such more time and see if they continue to help (any meds will likely take awhile to kick in anyway). In short, I think you should definitely be treating your anxiety/depression SOMEhow,and meds are certainly one route you could try,...
I have a large yard, in Vermont. We need to start growing some of our own food. I have NO idea where to start. What should I read? P.S. I kill houseplants with alarming regularity.
Oh, I had major OAL too! But around 3 months, that and the leaking did settle down. Has something to do with the switch to demand-driven rather than hormone-driven supply.
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