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Hi!  There's a Foodland near Haleiwa that does gift cards.  I don't know if they do delivery though.  Here's the ur    l http://www.foodland.com/stores/foodland-pupukea   Pizza Hut 808- 637-6248   Lots of places to eat in Haleiwa but I couldn't really find ones that would deliver.  Here are some phone numbers of different places.  All are area code 808   Haleiwa Eats  (Thai food)  637-4247 Kono's  (breakfast burritos and lunch stuff)  637-9211 Storto's...
How exciting for you and your family! I hope to open my own Reggio school on Oahu someday. I need land!! lol Good luck to you!
Hi! Boulder is so great, I think you'll love it. We moved from Colorado last summer. There used to be a site for same-sex parents. Gayby something. I couldn't find it. But if you're going to be in Colorado by Pride, you'll find tons of family resources and groups. There is usually a Family Day the day before the big Pride festival. There are also Gay Days at Elitches (amusement park) and the Children's Museum. If you go on the other baby website (baby...
Fantastic news!!! Congratulations!
Hi! DD1 is 2 years and almost 9 months old. She likes to help out (for the most part) so we've taken advantage of that. She takes her clothes to her room after they're folded. She will sometimes put them in her drawers, but she'll at least put them on her bed. She also helps a lot when we clean her room. All of her toys are in bins so it's easy for her to put them away.
Yes!!! This thread is wonderful. Free therapy! DD1- JUST EFFING LISTEN!!! DD2- My sweet cuddly baby...please please please please take a freaking nap!!
What a great thread! I'm excited to try some of these titles. Here are a few of my favorites: Bless Me, Ultima - Rudolfo Anaya So Far From God- Ana Castillo The Milagro Beanfield War- John Nichols Blu's Hanging- Lois-Ann Yamanaka Women of the Silk- Gail Tsukiyama Language of the Threads- Gail Tsukiyama A Tree Grows in Brooklyn- Betty Smith The Rice Mother- Rani Manicka Loving Pedro Infante- Denise Chavez Where The Red Fern Grows- Wilson Rawls The...
DD1 can make Maya laugh more than anyone else can. Recently Isa just keeps yelling "Boo-yah, Maya!" over and over again. Maya thinks it's hilarious. It's funny the first few times... lol
Thanks Andrea and Kelly! I'm cautiously optimistic.
You definitely need your own time!! Do you pump? Then DH wouldn't have the "baby needs your boobs" excuse. He may also be feeling insecure about his ability to calm or entertain your DD. Just leave them and they'll figure it out. Good luck!
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