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LOL..love u guys already !!Yeah I am soo excited about moving to Morocco!! I dont wear traditional..just caftan when I want. Im totally blond hair blue eyes lol..so I totally know what u mean. My husband was born and raised in Morocco..we were in Abu Dhabi for a while now we are all up and moving to Morocco ..Im really excited for this. the funny thing is that even people dont think my husband is arabic because he is not dark lol. Anways we have three boys and will have...
thank u very much for your warm welcomes!! I am Canadian..but I am married to Moroccan man. We are moving to Morocco very soon..Can I ask where all you are from? that was beautiful UmmNadia thank u so much!
Hi..I was wondering if i can join in if u please?
kefir made from raw milk from the grains.
Oh my goodness myjo...could you be my twin?
FOr those of you that dont know.. I have been drinking only kefir for about a month.. so here are the results.. I have been sick for a while, not been able to tolerate alot of food(gluten ,fruit blah blah ect..) run down, lowered sex drive, lost my get up and go,severe bowel issues,thyroid issues ect.. anyways the result have been that my bowels are starting to work again(its gonna take a while) My sex drive is over the top( my husband is very excited about that one) and...
My kids go gaga over oatmeal pancakes,and waffles!!! good choice. We make alot of sourdough apple cinnimon pancakes with maple syrup.. thats the kids favorite. And oatmeal and eggs and stuff..
Our milk bill is quite large. As I am sick and believing for healing, I have been consuming about a half gallon(kefir) sometimes double that everyday!! Then I have my three boys and my youngest drinks quite a bit. We pay 2.99 per half gallon of Raw, and that is American, as we are Canadian. So I lost count on the amout that we spend, but its lots.
When I started drinking kefir my boobs perked up. Hubby said they look as if no little ones were ever hanging off them LOL. Ive noticed that they have grown a size, are more rounded and look like my pre-child days. It looks like I had a boob job.
I was diagnosed with a caseine/lactalbumin allergy and I can tolerate kefir. kefir predigests the proteins making them more digestable. I built up my tolerance starting with non dairy and slowly switched over. I now drink a half gallon of milk kefir daily.
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