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I definately don't think you dh is ashamed of you. It's unfortunate that he has to work there.
I've got a mix of quite a few things in me, and have been taken for anything from Egyptian, Spanish to Inuit. I just want to convince my children that they are special and beautiful. If they really KNOW that then I think they will be fine.
happy birthday Just think it could be worse, you son could have started that kind of behaviour at 2 and still be at it Your son sounds a bit like ds recently and we are only 2.
Could be true, of course it is the reverse for us. ds doesn't really laugh at me, I get all sorts of things but with dw ds starts crying immediately if it is a strong "no"
I would have to differentiate between, sex and degrading pornography degrading pornography doesn't have to contain nudity and that can be as bad as violence. If a child walks in on loving parents ... that is definately not as bad as the other options.
I just heard a radio program on SAHDs and it talked about the prevalance of dads only playgroups among SAHDs. It seems to me that the researcher had rather biased results by having so many dads in playgroups. I guess you can see how it happens though, dads in playgroups are easier for a researcher to find. I know half a dozen SAHDs in my neighbourhood and none of them are part of these dads only playgroups. I personally never saw the need to associate with SAHDs any...
OMG! lovemykid - your H can't be serious about that 'threat'. That seems like a really dangerous attitude. As for the rest I think megandavisdon put it very well.
It seems like they are a great thing to put most kids in front of so they will keep quiet. That said I'm not a fan. I think I have seen the animal one and it didn't seem to have much real animals in it. Watch a PBS/National Geographic animal program. I agrree with all of the negative comments on the music. I would like to see proof that these videos are actually intelectually stimulating and do lead to brighter kids. The evidence is that kids who listen to classical...
Do I have a Maternal instinct? Unfortunately I didn't give birth to DS and I wasn't the one EBF'ing him. Raven - I really liked your post. I even read it all!! I do also find it scary. Why does it seem like I am the odd and unatural one because I parent my child and don't let someone else do it? What sort of self image do people have where they believe someone else can nurture and take care of their children better than they can? Maybe I just realize how important...
I'm not sure I totally agree about the oversexualization of disney characters ... I'm kind of on the fence about it. BUT if you believe that anything is oversexualized. Then you should stand up for not letting your kids see it. 1st of all - never bet on a kid not noticing things!!! 2nd of all - the trouble is not the overt things that they actually might take notice, the trouble is with the things they start to take for granted, like the shape and role of women etc.
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