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Hey all. Have you missed me?
I didn't realize Izzy was so young. For her breeds/size, it isn't all that surprising that she isn't reliably house trained. Is her new person using a crate?
Aw. She is a cutie.
Re-send, Julia. Crystal is right--they are either busy or you're being ignored. Either way, polite re-send is fine. That spay&neuter photo is SO cute. Crystal, you're doing the right thing w/ the spay. It's nearly impossible to adopt out kitten in the spring.
Quote: Originally Posted by jlutgendorf Grace, how do you deal with rehoming your fosters? You foster through a rescuse, right? Does that help with it? Knowing that the rescue does a good job at checking out homes? everytime we get a good lead, I'm excited, but I also get tense and worried that they won't be a good home (and I won't send them off to a home that I think is a bad fit). But I know these little guys need to get out of here and into their...
I have been where you are, Julia, and you are indeed saintly. Any adoption prospects on the line?
Realllly? I'm so happy to hear that!! I have been worried about how much I am going to miss the great thrifting here. Move should be late August or early September, but we don't have an exact date yet. Re: putting money into our house pre-sale, yes we're just doing what we have to do. There are a couple of issues that need to be handled before the house is sellable--not cosmetic, but safety (a falling down fence and a dangerous tree are the big ones). We are not...
Re: house down payment, that will ony happen if we get a good price on the house we own now. We have about $60K equity in it.
Northern. Near DC.
I am holding out hope for our house selling for a small profit, since we're still a pretty stable market. We are going to have to put some $$ into it, though. We're not sure if we're going to rent or buy in Virginia yet. We'd originally assumed we'd rent, but the market there is so low, we may buy.
New Posts  All Forums: