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The three options you have listed there are 5 minutes, 10 minutes and directly across the street from hospitals and the midwives are trained to know when a transfer to a hospital is necessary. The most important decision is your midwife / care provider... if you trust their decision making ability and their experience with many different outcomes. Interview like crazy, if possible. Insurance coverage may limit your choices as well.  25 minutes is NOT far at all. You'll...
Just in case anyone digs up this thread in the future: I ended up driving a long way to Minnesota for my midwife and it was totally worth it --  Deb Sahlstrom in Milaca -- and I recommend her SO highly. She is so good and I think she's got a great balanced view of birth!
I think it depends more on your actual policy than you could find out from other people's experience. My BCBS says they will accept the universal filing codes and cover all of the homebirth. But yours is likely different than mine and whatever you do, get them to make NOTES on your FILE so when you call back again they have it in writing.
I'm looking for a non-vax friendly doctor near Polk county / st croix county wisconsin.  Probably at one of the satellite clinics for Amery hospital or St Croix falls hospital. Any help would be great!!!! I need to schedule a first WBV in the next week! thanks in advance!!
can't argue with free! ha! never thought about spit up :) ew! lol
I got cherry red. We're having a girl but even if we have another boy in the future, it would work fine for a boy too :) I ordered through kohls.com -- their regular price is $250, sale price is $225... 30% off coupon makes it $157.50 plus tax = $163. PLUS I got $30 kohl's cash to spend, so we got my husband new shoes for free. Amazon's lowest price is $173 only for chestnut. just under 200 for the rest. It's too bad you don't have much for color choice, but the nice...
Just wanted to pop in to share that we just got our Combi Coccoro today and I installed it and it fit (yay!) along side the two Radians in our 96 Subaru Impreza Outback wagon. So if you've got a small-ish car, there's how to do it :)  If you have any questions for me, ask away -- I like talking carseats and my husband is already done hearing about the new one :)
    There are risks to any injected shot (even injected saline, there is risk of physical damage, bleeding, infection, even death...). More on topic, there are many people that are uncomfortable with the mercury in the Rhogam (and most likely winrho etc.). Mercury is poison and the FDA recently put out warning against using cosmetics with mercury at levels of 1 part per million... and most shots preserved with mercury have at least 50 ppm.  You can specifically request...
Yea my DD is a peanut too -- She's 5 next month and 37 inches tall, 35 pounds. She was 6 lbs 0oz at birth. I'm thinking if this baby girl is similar I'll be fine. My DS is a little more normal = 2 yrs old, 27 lbs, 32 inches. So even if the new baby is more normal, I'd get at least 2 years out of it and by then, chances are I'd be pregnant again LOL. So yea, I think we're going to get a cocorro. Unless we can find out definitively if another radian would fit -- 3 in a...
thanks for the info krst :) i have checked the WI guild already, i guess i'm kind of in a dead zone. nearest one listed on their page is 45 minutes away :) not bad, and I'll go visit them, but i was hoping for a few choices. i will also interview and check with the CNM in amery :)  thanks!!!
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