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Black xl straps Pattern suitable for Mom or Dad to wear the wee one   Asking $45 obo + shipping   paypal preferred but will consider other means   Send me a message if necessary   Can email photos or other information    
Hi! I tried to read all the posts in the thread... really I did but wow there are alot!! .
This was our first year as official homeschoolers. We had a baby in August too! We started officially schooling in July that way in August we could take some time off. Its been pretty easy so far. My two year old... now that is another story. LOL!
A problem that has been bugging me too. Thanks for inquiring! Subbing.....
Love it!
We only use cast iron. We have all sizes, shapes, brands. My only negative comment is they are so darn heavy. Other than that we love them!
I usually go through the books and pick out the ones that are not favorites. Then I let the kids do the same thing. I have donated so many to the library that way.
Kegels! I had it this time pp (4th baby) but now, 8 months pp, its gone. Kegels!
In 2008 I was visiting with my in laws. We were talking about if I thought we would ever have more babies. I told them I felt like one more was in my future and I wanted to name him __________. Three months later, they got a puppy. Guess what they named him. Yup. The name I always envisioned my fourth child (should he have been a he) having. I was devastated. In August of last year, I had that fourth child, a baby boy. I just couldnt name him after a puppy....
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