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Thanks for the tip on where to get it -- that's significantly less than what I paid!   I'm scared to try it now cause I don't want to ruin my grains....at least until I have enough to experiment with!
I'm having a simultaneous love affair with pink himalayan salts and kefir/kombucha.  We have a berkey water purifier which removes pollutants and chlorine but retains the mineral content to the water, but I want to add more minerals to the water.  I was thinking of adding a pinch of himalayan salt, which is loaded with trace minerals.   Does anyone see a problem with this?  What other methods have you used to "punch up" your kombucha and kefir?  (btw I'm using water...
Just went to appleberry attic and placed a huge order!  They have a bunch on clearance plus if you use the coupon: recycle then you will get an additional 10% off.  And shipping was very reasonable.  TY for the recommendation.
We grow and freeze too.  They saute fine after being frozen, plus I sometimes stuff them.  Usually I get thru the whole winter that way.
I am all ready to start making nut milks.  The only thing is, I like that the storebought nut milks are enriched with various vitamins, etc.  How can I get the same effect with the homemade stuff?
Has there been a discussion on this?  It was in the news but didn't get a lot of coverage.  It really seems to me that the blood issues that can cause pregnancy loss could well be the cause of the heart issues later....   ************************************   A study has found every miscarriage raised a woman's risk of having a heart attack by 40 per cent Women who suffer repeated miscarriages are five times more likely to have a heart attack in later life, a...
I know this may be viewed as nuts, but I seem to notice the last few months, that when I'm in week leading up to AF, my 4yo DD seems more moody and reactive behaviorily....   We co-sleep so I don't know if that could influence it, if it's happening....the close physical proximity.   Maybe this is a totally off-base idea, but wondering if anyone else has noticed it???
I orderer Ani Phyo's Essential Raw book ...hope it helps!  Great idea for sprouting garbanzo beans and making hummus.  I love quijnoa too -- off to find recipe for sprouting that...
I've just spent some time sniffing around that site, and there are some great ideas there...cant wait to try them :)
Thanks -- I checked out that link, is it worth paying the $10 for the ebook?    To clarify, it's not that I don't want to eat nuts, it's just that they are so cost-intensive.  The link above is along the lines of what I'm looking for...
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