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I am just sick. DD has TEN cavities in her teeth, despite brushing them since she was 11 months old. I feel guilty enough for this happening, but we have this delimma ahead of us..... Her ped dentist says that he wants to take care of all ten cavities under general anesthesia in the hospital. And it should take about TWO hours, which for me is an eternity for her to be under. She just turned 3 and he won't even do it a little at a time due to the trauma factor for...
DD had the common green poop as an infant that disappeared after I stopped all dairy (breastfeeding). At about 9 months, I introduced it little by little and she didn't seem to have a problem with it. Now that she's 18 months old, I am wondering if the dairy that I'm taking in as a BF mom as well as the minimal dairy she's getting could affect her mood/behaviour, since I'm seeing more tantrums some separation anxiety. Of course, i know some of this is...
Super! Thanks
Yeah, I thought about that -- this is a school offer from our nephew and I feel like I should buy something, you know ? And I was thinking of something for her rather than us. They do offer Wild Animal Baby from the NWF, so maybe I'll go for that!
Would you recommend either of these magazines for a 13 m.o. and if so, why? TIA!
: : Oh my, let me apologize for posting this -- I thought this was an AP board. SORRY!!!!!!!! Didn't mean to offend.
So I'm in a store last night and there's this 3 mo baby there in a car seat perched on the shopping cart with a (young) mom and apparently her mother. So after a while the baby starts crying. It was a tired cry, but a cry. I looked over the mom is pushing the cart back and forth and sshhing him and saying, "I know you're tired...close your eyes....go to sleep....". He keeps crying. As a mother, my pulse is starting to go up because this baby obviously needs comfort! ...
That's it ! THX!
What was the company that had the flier in the last Mothering magazine? I can't find that brochure...
My ped says that Merck requires a minimum of 10 orders for the separate MMR shots and that she won't do that for one person (i.e., ME): . She said if I can find a way to order them thru her and pay for them, she'll administer them. Does anyone know how I can do that? TIA
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