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Your friend has a very ambitious plan.  Are you sure she worked out the math correctly?  By that rate in the last week of December you'll need to save $2,251,799,813,685,248.  There isn't that much money in this world.  How about just work it up to a comfortable level, say $100 a week and stay with it? :)
None right now.  We're living off savings.  We'll see what the new year will bring.  I guess there should have been a "We're not trying to save" category for those not making money right now or trying to pay off debts first. :)
I tried before and didn't find anything.  Or maybe there was but I wasn't going to look through the 200,000 results.  Our kids have relatively common names.   I find loads of stuff searching for my various usernames, but nothing with my name, my pictures or any private info.
We give thanks to everyone who's given us stuff, in person, on the phone or via email.  We thank for the kids before they were 8 or 9, now they're supposed to write their own email.  They don't like it much but it's just one of the things you gotta do.  I think email makes things so easy.  I'm anxious so I usually get them done asap, but our relatives can take up to a week or more to write a note to us.  There are people who just don't do it, though.  I'm not sure if my...
Sounds like she need to read those books herself, with those bad manners.  Although in my experience there are lots of hypocritical people like that out there.  They don't treat others with respect but demand respect in return. 
We use our dishwasher all the time.  DH does the pots and pans.  It was actually one of the factors in his favor when we were dating. :D I always hated doing dishes and he would do them for me.  It's among my most hated chores (the other one being mopping).  I love doing laundry however, including hand washing stuff in the sink.  I can't explain why I love that and hate dishes.
Our goal in 2014 is to spend as little money as possible.  We've been living off savings and had very little income this year, and next year will be more or less the same.  I'll probably allow a modest family vacation and that's about it.  I've done decently on grocery budget last year, trying to waste less food and shop fewer times.  I'm hoping I'll keep up with the food budget.  What we need to work on are utilities.  We use a lot of hydro and haven't been very good at...
My parents gave me a wedding band for Christmas.  It's 2 sizes too large and very narrow.  I have my own wedding sets and don't need single bands that are too large.  Now I have to figure out how to sell it so I can get some cash.  And this is not the first wedding band they gave me, I got one for birthday last year, too, which was too large as well.  They can't be resized as they're very thin with little gold in them.  I know mom went a little nuts at a jewelry store...
I know someone who had that, though I don't know the details.  I think you need to be out of school for many years and not able to pay it down.  How long have you been out of school?
We're having a delayed Christmas dinner today.  I'm planning: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, roasted potatoes, sausages, baked sweet potatoes, baked beans, split pea soup with ham, marinated cucumbers, fried broccoli.  It might sound like a lot but my extended family is picky, the guests will have to bring a dish or two they would eat.  For dessert we have ice cream cake, shortbread cookies, fruitcake and a fruit platter.  Again some people will eat none of...
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