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Oh I'll just list what they did at age 2.    When DS1 was 2, he:   - took a bottle of mustard out of the fridge and squeezed every bit out onto off white carpet (of course it's impossible to remove the  yellow stains even though we scrubbed all night). - pushed the TV off the stand and broke it - got hold of a black dry erase marker and scribbled over the walls in 3 rooms.  We had to scrape off a layer to remove it, then repaint the walls. - sprayed the walls and...
Can anyone give some suggestions for various carrots?  I have about 8 lbs of carrots in the fridge right now.  They're very big (not the carrot stick type) and in colors white, yellow, purple and orange.  I couldn't resist the beautiful mix, but now I don't know what to do with them. :)
A bit OT: how do you know this winter will be colder?  I'm near you and would like to know.
Are you in the US?  Everything else is not hard to find except the "strong interest" part.  As far as I know there's no such thing right now.  The highest rate right now is about 3% for 5 years, but that's here (Canada).  In US it's no more than 2%.   Anyway perhaps some US members can give you more tips.  I'll just bump this for you.
I got sick so I haven't been cooking a lot.  I did make some popcorn today that was stored in the pantry.  Making a pot of beef stew in the crock pot right now.  Nothing from the pantry, though, I only use homemade stocks for these.  Tomorrow I'll make some millet porridge.  Coming from a relatively poor background I love porridge and assorted cheap food, but my DH and kids aren't into them.
I've got a few metal bangles and a bunch of Indian glass bangles for girls or petite women.  The metal bangles have 47 - 50mm diameter (a bit less than 2"),  and the traditional glass ones are 52 - 54mm diameter.  You can also paint them or make craft projects with them.  i.e. the metal bangles can make large hoop earrings.   Shipping to US would be $3 for just the metal bangles, $8 for the glass ones or the whole lot.  There are 50+ bangles in the lot.  
I love food and will eat everything.  I don't want to discriminate against any food. :D   Seriously, it's just personal choices and nobody need to justify them.  You can ask anyone similar questions like: why aren't you an activist?  Atheist? Doctor? Stripper?  Why do you like to wear blue?  What's wrong with red?  Why do you marry a man who doesn't make a lot of money?  Why don't you get your teeth bleached?  Why do you wear glasses instead of contacts?  Why, why...
I bought a bunch of those white fleece throws and modified them into winter curtains.  Seem to make a difference and they're only $5 each.  Each window need only one and because they're white they let in enough light.  I also got some light blue ones for my bathroom, which is unheated, northwest facing and has 3 windows (sounds kinda crazy, but I know they did it for the mountain view).  I think I got them fro Ikea for only $4 each.  You don't have to do this for those...
How is your house heated?  Electric?  That's very high heating bill for the west coast.  I mean we hardly even have snow.  Yes the dampness makes it feel colder, but perhaps you can try a dehumidifier first?    Sorry I don't know much about wood stoves.  I'll be watching this thread for tips.
You're not alone.  My parents do this all the time, even before I became an adult.  I always assumed being a daughter means you have to accept whatever garbage they dump at you.  I knew about my parents troubles, stupid things each of them did and all their arguments, because they keep telling me.  They each seek sympathy and assurance to validate their points, which I rarely offered.  It's always very frustrating and makes me feel talking to them is an unpleasant chore. ...
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