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You know that really great video from Nucleus of cervical effacement and dilation I'd love to be able to download it for free so I can play it at my class. I usually just use youtube but they have no internet at their house so I need it on my computer. Would love to have it for tomorrow if some one has it. Oh and I just want to make sure that youtube only allows uploads right, no download it from there, in which case I'm an idiot! Sav
Thanks ladies..... it's a long road. Guess I asked all the right questions and found a good therapist. Birth trauma is so crazy... Sav
Hi ladies, I'm Savannah and I posted my daughters story here after she was born. Quick summary of my birthing experiences.... two "failed" homebirths, transferred to hospital and two c-section babies. My second birth (also "failed" HBAC) resulted in abusive treatment by the medical staff to the point of hospital transfer by helicopter, threats of CPS, refusal to let me breastfeed or hold my daughter, and nine days of hospitalization for a healthy baby. I was emptied of...
Okay so two planned homebirths with LM's and two c-sections. Both I felt were unnecessary, but without getting into too much of the stories, I'll just say I can see why c-sections were recommended. I didn't feel like they were needed either of the times I was in labor though, I sort of felt like I had to since the midwife felt my situations were unsafe. So, I keep wondering what I would do if/when I want to have another baby. I will surely plan another homebirth but I...
I'm teaching a class with only one couple, and I'm also planned to attend their homebirth as the assistant. The mother said she would specifically like to talk about vaccinations in our class. How do other CBE handle this? And please include any resources you would be comfortable using during your classes. Thanks Sav
Thanks I'll look into them. Sav
My son is 2 1/2 and HATES sleeping. I've created a routine for naps and he now takes naps successfully on his own most of the time. He sleeps in our room on his mattress next to our bed, or sometimes in our bed if he needs to for any reason. But I really need for him to go to sleep earlier than I/we do on a regular basis. Both he, and his 4 month old sister take so much parenting during the day (which I love to do) that I need to be able to have quiet time without them...
You used to live in Eastern Washington? I live in Moses Lake now, can I ask where you worked? Sav
What is up with that? The majority of home births do NOT end in hospital transfers...why can't we get a mainstream(ish) home birth documentary that DOESN'T end up in the hospital one way or another? Well it's the TRUTH. It's just what happened to these people and their births. I'm sure they didn't want it that way either, but they can't change that now. It adds credibility to the films. How would they look if that stuff got left out of the films. Some people would...
Thanks for the thoughts and stats.... Sav
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