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Hi Mamas! I came here tonight, for the first time in ages, feeling guilty that I'd been MIA for so long Thanks expat and Terrilien for remembering me! I've thought of our wonderful DDC so often during the past months.   It has been a long, hard winter for me here in Russia. I'm so happy that today the sun is shining, it's a tropical -2c and we've all been outside in the playground together for an hour!   So...I really haven't had time for the internet but I...
Well Mamas it's taken me forever but I'm finally posting! I've enjoyed reading all your updates and seeing the gorgeous babes born in July 2010!   AFM, I have found it quite a struggle going from 1 to 2 children. DD is mellow and I can actually put her down which is great because her brother demands alot of attention. I feel bad for her though because I know that she isn't getting the attention that DS had from me as an infant.   We have struggled with nursing...
I've missed you all!! Will come back tomorrow to post...need some zzzzzzs now
DS is 3, had Dtap and PC when we moved to Russia. He will have MMR next year in time for pre-k. DD is 3.5 months. Today she had her first Dtap and PC shots. we will follow the British schedule delayed/spaced out. MMR we will do before school but not at 12 mths. If I didn't live here, we wouldn't vax.
Oh no not already!!!! I came back to apologise for being MIA and to bitch about my nursing difficulties...I'll save the whining for somewhere else Thanks everyone for being part of a truly wonderful DDC!
How often is she actually getting a decent feed in? What does your Mommy instinct tell you? Sounds as if she's happy and healthy from what you said, smiling, sleeping etc I don't have any real advice sorry. My 10 wk old is also gaining slowly but doesn't fuss as breast and is feeding every 2-3 hrs. Who knows what's going on there??!!
I am so disappointed with the ring sling I bought. It's a huggababy and really thick and padded. I struggle to tighten it. I knew I should have splurged on a Sakura Bloom and now I'm stuck in $^&*ing Moscow and can't shop!!!!!!!! I haven't tried her with the infant insert in the Ergo but will do tomorrow now it's getting cooler outside. She's small, only 9lbs, but overheats easily.
Huge hugs Mama! With DS I did a total elimation diet and one week ate nothing but pears, lamb and rice and probably some veg but it's a blur! I cooked up a big batch of ground lamb and rice and kept it in the fridge so I didn't have to be hungry. I lost 50lbs by the time DS was 8 mos...not a bad thing though as I was really heavy pre-preg. The cooking and planning when you have older children must be a nightmare. P.S You can buy pear teabags which is a change...
Quote: Originally Posted by chase_mommy He has had some minor setbacks and surgeries but all in all he is well and gaining weight. At his 12 week appointment he weighs in at 7lbs 8oz and is 20 inches long... all on momma milk! Thank you so much for asking. That's great news! Nice to hear from you Mama! nak
Quote: Originally Posted by majazama hello.. I am still reading along with you all, but there is a lot of stress going on in my life aside from having a new born baby. He is fussy and doesn't want to take the boob unless he's super hungry. I think he has tongue tie but haven't seen the LC about it yet. He is still growing well though. So sorry you're having such a hard time with your stbx Hi Surfacing!! I've got a couple of mins to post...
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