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When dd was in the thick of the "mines", I also tried to give her anything reasonable, even if it wasn't hers and rephrased the "mine" using the words "turn" and "share" as much as possible. Examples: yes, that is yours. Thanks for sharing with me (or giving me a turn) That's mommy's and I am happy to give you a turn! That's the dog's toy. I'm sorry, she can't share right now. Let's wait for the next turn! (Regarding an untouchable pet medication): ...
DD loves Cuisenaire Rods
Hmmmmm...I would say to figure out how many times per day he is going in his diaper, figure out how many changes of clothes/training pants that would require per day and decide if that's too cumbersome. I waited until dd was down to @1x/day in her diaper, but she also found going in her pants very upsetting and I didn't want to set her up to fail.
DD loves anything new. I keep a stash of library books she hasn't seen, toys etc. If I need a while to myself, I bring out a new toy (or one that has been stored for a while). If I need a peaceful minute to reconnect with her, I bring out a new book to read together.
My 2 1/2 yo dd loves Bob Books (available at Amazon). They start with just one word on a page and slowly ramp up to longer sentences. They also have 2 year old humor (like the characters sit on each other) rather than school based themes (like lunchroom conversation, etc that dd would have a hard time understanding at this age) more appropropriate for K+ kids learning to read.
IKEA has storage units that have wicker baskets instead of plastic ones. That's what we use. The wicker baskets come in a couple of differen sizes and dd can access her toys herself. Just put the lightest stuff in the top bins.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by ShariMama [B]. I've been talking to my stepson (public school senior) and his friends about their take on homeschooling. They had a disturbing view on it. They said that everyone they knew who was homeschooled was either into drugs or was socially inept. yeah...and no one who goes to public school is into drugs or socially inept???????????????????
There seem to be two issues: !) How much skin is exposed (and on what body parts) 2) The actual cut and style of the clothing. I personally don't care how much skin my dd has exposed (she's 2 1/2) and I think anyone who sees any part of her exposed skin in a sexual way has problems that no change of clothes can fix. IMO it is the style of clothes for this age that is unappealing. A dress might cover her all the way up, but if it has glitter all over the chest...
In these situations, I often tell my daughter that if another child doesn't listen to her words than to walk away and, if necessary, find an adult to help the other child hear her words. 2 reasons: 1) I want her to see the aggressor as a peer who needs help, and once recieving help, can again engage in harmonious relationships. 2) I want her to practice seeking an adult's help now while these smaller issues are emerging, so she will have this skill when she is older...
Love these. Love Pattern Blocks too. DD plays with them for hours. She lines them up, makes them into imaginary characters, sorts them by color, size and ability to get along with each other (when they are being the made-up characters). She's discovering basic math concepts without having to deal with the excessive verbiage that I would distract her with if I were to try to teach her the same thing. Currently she's been playing with which two she can line up to make...
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