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For climbing, six-eight bean bag chairs ( I saw some on sale at Target) stacked pyramid style in the corner work wonders. They shift underneath the kids, giving them a big thrill. So long as you don't stack the too high (a wide base is better than a tall lean tower) they can roll back on the ones on the bottom.
Hi DD is 15 months and loves to do painting/coloring types of projects. I am looking for cute ideas she can do as gifts for relatives. She has done a lot of finger and brush paintings, made pencil cups (I put masking tape over a jar and she put paint hand prints all over it), etc. I'm not as much into the hand print art (ie hand prints doctored to look like turkeys, etc) at this age b/c she enjoys participating more and that really ends up being me making the turkey...
Hi What is currently recommended for daily dental care for a 15 month old? And how do you do it? To date, we have only wiped her teeth off with a clean wet wash cloth after each meal. Should we be brushing yet? What type of toothbrush is best and should we use a flouridated toothpaste? What about flossing? She still nurses (always nurses to sleep and then takes a pacifier), but doesn't appear to pool milk. She has her eight front teeth in but no...
Perhaps a better way to encourage BF and discourage unneccessary FF would be to offer incentives to women who choose to BF, such as longer maternity leaves, extra WIC money for mom's food, madetory BF alcoves in all public places (not that I think BF should be segregated, but modesty issues are believe it or not the number 1 reason many of my friends did not BF or weaned early), etc.
I think if formula were not available to women who were strongly opposed to BF, then they might just give their children cow's milk instead.
3newviews: You are amazing!!!!!!!! I have no advice, I have only one child and you are already far more together than I was. Wishing you All The Best!
My best trick to get my dd to eat is to sit on the living room floor while she is playing and eat someting myself, all the while telling dh how good it is and ignoring dd. DD will practically catapult herself into my lap to get a taste and will eat much more than seated in her highchair. I usually use this to get her to try new foods and feed her the old favorites when she is in her highchair. If she has been ill and not eating well (we all just did the stomach flu...
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